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How I Stopped My Kid from Whining

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Whining drives me crazy.  I can’t stand it.  If anything can get me in a bad mood it’s because I’ve heard one of my children whining.  It really annoys me.  I decided to put a stop to it for my sanity.   My kids aren’t perfect, but it’s definitely gotten a lot better.  I have three kids ages 5, 8, and 10.  My 10 year old has never been a whiner, but the younger ones, yes and yes.  You know your own kids and you know their whining pattern.  If you don’t, keep a journal or notes on your phone when they whine the most.  This will help a ton!

How I Stopped My Kid from Whining
  • Listen– The first thing I do is listen and evaluate what they are saying.  Is what they are saying true or are they just trying to get your attention?  Look  them in the eyes and let them know that you heard what they had to say.
  • NEVER Ignore!– Have you ever ignored a whining kid?  Doesn’t it always seem to get worse and louder when they aren’t being acknowledged?  The crying turns into a hysterical kid.
  • Don’t feed into it–  This was my worst problem.  I would try to reason with them.  I didn’t understand why they just didn’t do what I said.  I would talk to them and they would just keep whining at me, both of us getting more worked up.
  • Don’t give in with rewards–  My 8 year old whined about getting a soft drink every time we went to his guitar lesson.  Every. Single. Time.  I bought him a soda about a year ago and then he expected it every week.  I made a decision and told him he would not be allowed to have a soda at guitar.  After about 6 weeks, he finally got that he wouldn’t get a soda.  He still asks every week, but he doesn’t go on and on anymore.
  • Redirect your child– Is your child whining about something small?  Usually, right?  My daughter whines a lot about the TV.  She has two brothers that love to watch ESPN and she just wants to watch Nick Jr.  She always has little projects going on in the house, books she’s working on or boxes she has turned into forts.  I just tell her to go play in her fort because her brothers won’t bother her there.  She usually goes without a fight.
  • Spend time with your child– Many times kids are whining to get your attention.  If they are, stop what you are doing, for at least a few minutes, and give them that attention.  Have them help you make dinner or set the table.  You can paint fingernails or build a new train track.  Those don’t take long, but give your child some attention they may have been needing and wanting.

Hope this helps you turn your house into a whine free zone!


Tuesday 5th of April 2016

My stepson is 3 and he whines even when he says ok. We started making him repeat what we asked him to do or instead of saying ok he says yes mam/sir and it stopped the whining right quick. These are very helpful tips also! Trying not to reason with toddlers is so hard though, I totally understand how you feel!

Jessica Hannah

Friday 4th of December 2015

Whining happens a lot with my middle child, she is only 2 but is getting used to her new baby brother. The whining makes it hard, because she is still learning to communicate, so it seems like she constantly whines. And I know giving her extra attention will solve the problem. I just have to remember to stay calm, listen, and then give her the attention she wants :) ThankS for that realization