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How do I help my cranky child? Well, try this one little trick and you can stop the crankiness! It really works and it's so easy!

How to Help Your Cranky Child

My son is a happy kid, but naturally argumentative and pessimistic.  I love him to death; however, sometimes it really gets me down.  I tried everything to stop this behavior.  I sat patiently while he complained about...

Almost everyone knows a Star Wars fan. Check out this ultimate Star Wars gift guide for the mega fan in your life!

The Ultimate Star Wars Gift Guide

If you have a Star Wars Lover in your house, I am sure you are always looking for new ideas on what to give them.  My son has loved Star Wars since he was...

Who doesn't love Legos? Here's a Lego gift guide for the Lego lover in your house. I'm sure you'll find the perfect gift for Christmas or a birthday.

The Ultimate Lego Gift Guide

Who doesn’t love Legos? Here’s a Lego gift guide for the Lego lover in your house. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect gift for Christmas or a birthday. We’ve spent many many hours at...

Are your afternoons crazy like mine? Here are some GREAT hacks for moms with kids in after school sports. You'll want to read these!

Hacks for moms with kids in after school sports

Do you have kids running in a gazillion different directions like I do? I always think I’ll have so much extra time when the kids go back to school, but I feel even more swamped!

One of the biggest challenges of a parent is keeping toys cleaned up! Get these great ideas to keep your house clean and sane.

Keeping Toys Cleaned Up in Every Room of the House

Toys! Toys!  With the birth or adoption of your first little darling comes the daunting task of keeping their things from taking over your home.  As they get into the toddler years, this becomes...

If you have more than two kids, then I know arguing is happening in your family. Here's how to end the sibling war over who goes first.

How to End the Sibling War over Who Goes First

Anyone with kids that are fairly close in age knows the battle of who gets to go first.  For a long window of time, this was a constant battle between mine, from the time...

Getting your child ready for kindergarten can be stressful for parents. Here's what you need to do so your child will thrive.

Tips for Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

The approach of the first year of school can be stressful for parents, especially if your first child is starting school.  I was a Kindergarten teacher for several years before my oldest was born, and...

Get these swim meet boredom busters. Parents are bored and so are the swimmers, not to mention siblings that have to sit all day.

Swim Meet Boredom Busters

I’m sure all swim parents can relate to the frustration and boredom that come from sitting all day at a swim meet. The parents are bored and so are the swimmers, not to mention siblings that have to sit all day without getting into the water.

Read about how I helped my child and stopped him from being clumsy! I just thought he was a clumsy kid and I couldn't do anything about it, but I was wrong.

How I stopped my child from being clumsy

You can read here on how I stopped my child from being clumsy, but wanted you all to know that falling and clumsiness can occur for a bunch or reason.  Some children require physical...

Here's a printable stop sign you can print out and tape to your door to let the neighborhood kids that YOUR kids can't play.

Printable Stop Sign for Door

Who else needs this printable stop sign?  Just print it out and tape to your front door so the neighborhood kids know that YOUR kids can’t play. My kids and I LOVE summer. They love...