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These sparkling cranberry shots are the perfect thing for your next holiday get-together! Can you guess the secret ingredients?

Sparkling Cranberry Shots

About 8 years ago we had some neighbors from Germany living next door and became really good friends with them.  They had a daughter that was in my son’s grade so we spent a lot of time together.

This is the perfect dessert over the holidays that your kids will love. Frozen hot chocolate is a HUGE hit in my house!

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Don’t we have enough stress during the holidays? My family travels for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, shopping, parties, cooking, and my kids are still doing basketball, wrestling, and pitching lessons!

Three Bean Marinated Salad

Three-Bean Marinated Salad

There were some pretty good and important football games this past weekend. I didn’t want to spend all my time in the kitchen cooking and missing out on the fun so I found an easy meal for my family so we could all watch the games together.

Elmo Party Ideas

Elmo Party Ideas

I know so many kids out there that love Elmo so why not throw an Elmo inspired party! Here’s the Elmo that got me thinking!

EASY Candied Popcorn

EASY Candied Popcorn

I’m always trying out new recipes and thought I would try out a fun one this past weekend for game day. My kids and neighbors loved this so I’m adding it to my recipe book.