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“It’s not fair, Mom”

My husband and I are raising our kids the best we can. My boys are getting to the age where I hear, “It’s not fair!” all the time.  When kids are little, they think all kids have the same rules, but as they get older they learn that’s not true.  They see other kids doing things that we just don’t allow.

"It's not fair, Mom!" Don't let your kids make you feel guilty.

I feel we are pretty easy going and not helicopter parents.  If you don’t know what that is, helicopter parents are parents that hover over their children all the time, correcting behavior constantly and not letting kids be themselves and explore independently!  I don’t judge different parenting styles, we just chose to follow a different path.   I’ve just realized my kids can’t handle certain things and that’s ok.

Why can’t I play Call of Duty on the xBox? Well, when you play Call of Duty you say bad words and it’s rated mature.

Why do I have to go to bed early?  Because you are miserable the next day and get the entire house upset.

Why do I have to read 30 minutes?  Your teacher and I both agree that this is the best thing for your education.

Why can’t I watch PG-13 movies?  Because you repeat everything you hear and it’s not appropriate.  I wrote a post called Movie Night for Boys with a lot of great suggestions for PG movies.

Why can’t I have dessert?  You just ate dinner 10 minutes ago and you don’t need anything right now.

“Why can’t I get a new toy?”  Is it your birthday?  Where is your money?

“Why can’t I play on your phone?”  It’s mine and you can play something else.

My son recently spent the night with a friend, but we said he had to go to bed early because he had baseball the next day.  He had to get a good night sleep.  To me, that meant going to bed before 9.  Well…the next day he played horrible and I learned that he went to bed at 10:30!  He never stays up that late because I know he needs a lot of sleep!  The other parent considered that early.

Parents, do not let your children make you feel guilty about your parenting decisions.  No, not every decision will be correct and you will realize it after the fact.  Yes, they will bug you and try and make you change your mind.  Stand your ground, your kids will thank you later, probably not until they have kids though.  I wish my kids didn’t have to go to bed early, but I’m doing what’s best for them.  If you feel strongly about something, don’t give in because everyone else is doing it.  You know what’s best for your children.

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