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Time Change Tips for kids

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It’s that time of year- TIME CHANGE!  When my kids were babies and toddlers I hated this time of year.  Just when I got them on a schedule and they were sleeping good, it was disrupted by the time change.  Even though they are older it can still be a problem.  Here are some tips to make the tradition a little smoother for everyone!

Here are some TIME CHANGE TIPS to make the transition easier on you and your family. You'll want to save this. No one likes a cranky kid!

Time Change Tips

Exercise–  Make sure you and your kids are getting plenty of exercise.  It’s easier to lay down and fall asleep when you’ve had a busy day.   Go for an extra long walk, hike, or bike ride.

Changing the clocks–  I never even tell my kids about the time change.  I made the mistake of telling them once and trying to explain.  I just change ALL the clocks after they go to bed.  They were constantly trying to convince me to stay up later and do things different.

Adjusting bedtimes–  You may need to temporarily adjust bedtimes to get them back on schedule.  I know it’s frustrating when you’re on a good routine, but being a little relaxed at this time is good.  You can’t send them to bed, then get frustrated if they’re still awake an hour later.  If possible, think ahead and adjust bedtimes 15 minutes and start the transition a few days early.

Napping–  If you or your kids nap, just take a little one. Napping for a couple of hours it will really throw of your schedule and make it harder at bedtime.

Eating–  You will be hungry at different times.  Sometimes giving them a bigger snack or dessert can keep everyone in a better mood and help them sleep.

Curtains–  A few years ago I had to purchase some black out curtains for my middle son.  He’s an early riser to begin with, but with daylight savings ending I knew he would really be getting up earlier.  They definitely helped and I suggest you don’t wait to try this.  They make some really great ones now and you can find some to match the rooms decor.   You could also try an eye mask.  My daughter loves hers.  This is great when you spring forward too!

Good luck this year.

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