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Tips for bath time

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If your kids are like mine, then they argue and fight about taking a bath or shower.  When I do get my older son to finally relent, he’s out in ONE minute.   I’ve caught him wetting his hair in the sink so it looked like he took a shower.  Why do some kids not like to bathe?  Here are a few tricks I use that seem to bring a little more fun to the “chore”, but they are still nice and clean with a lot less arguing.  Here are some GREAT tips for bath time!

Parents, do you struggle with your kids at bath time? Does it ruin your evening? Here are some GREAT tips for bath time so you can enjoy your night.

Tips for Bath Time

1.  I get them their own special shampoo. All three of my kids have their own shampoo.  I let them pick it out and they love having their own.  It makes it a little more fun and they have something special for themselves.

2.  My daughter loves her shower puff.  My boys have them too, but don’t use them as much.  She, on the other hand, really loves it, especially putting the bubbles all over her.  I also love that it’s she’s much cleaner because she’s using it.  Bonus!

3.  Don’t rush them.  I make sure we aren’t in a hurry because they’ll get really frustrated.  I want them to have plenty of time to play with their toys in the bath.  Every once in a while I’ll switch a few out and this keeps them entertained.  My daughter loves these bath cups to play too.  Little People are also the perfect bath toys.  These Little Mermaid ones are cute.

4.  Quiet Time.  Taking a bath always soothes my kids and makes going to bed so much easier.  I let them wind down and use this as quiet time.   I find that they wake up in a such a better mood on mornings after a nightly bath or shower.

5.  Timer!  For my son that hates to shower, I put the timer on my phone.  I make him stay in for at least 5 minutes to make sure he’s clean.  Most the time he stops complaining and just starts to wash because he knows he’s stuck in there. You can even buy special shower timers that suction to the shower wall.  These are a great idea.  I think they are made to keep showers short, but they work the opposite in my house.

6.  I make them dry off completely in the shower.  I don’t know how they do it, but my kids leave puddles of water all over the bathroom.  I’m not talking a little water, it covers the entire floor.  I’ve made a rule they can not exit the shower or bath without being totally dry.

7.  Have their pajamas laid out and ready to put on as soon as the bath is over.  This save a lot of time.  If I allowed my kids back into their room to dress for bed, then I’d never get them back in there to brush their teeth and comb and dry their hair.

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Wednesday 20th of May 2015

Josh doesnt fight me nearly as much since you told him one time he smelled like a goat after I had complained to you about his showering! If he does start to complain, I just mention goat smell and that usually works.


Wednesday 20th of May 2015

haha! I don't think that was me!


Wednesday 6th of May 2015

My secret trick is food coloring in the water. Makes everything so much more exciting!


Wednesday 6th of May 2015