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How to get your Toddler to Listen

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Sometimes kids are in their own world.  They are focused on what they are doing and not pay attention to anything else.  Other times kids hear you, but do not listen.  Here are 6 tips to get your child to listen.

Toddlers may be considered children that range from 1 year to 4 years of age.

Physically touch your child

Sometimes kids are so focused and wrapped up in an activity, they do not notice anything that is going on around them.  You may have to go over and physically touch their shoulder, back, or head to get them to notice anything else.  This happens with my kids all the time.  

Make them look you in the eye

Even though kids sometimes look like they are listening, they may not be.  Many times I have to stop what I’m saying and ask them to look me in the eyes.  This gets them to pay attention to me and stop watching their TV program, painting, or playing a video game.  It’s snaps them out of it.

Say the childs name

I realize sometimes I yell from downstairs to “Put your clothes away!” and of course they are not listening.  I have to make sure I call their name out and make them answer me.  Once they answer me I will tell then what I needed.  This is a challenge for me because usually I am trying to get all 3 of mine to do the same thing and they all think I’m talking to their brother or sister.

Calm them down

Sometimes when my child is really upset, he does not listen.  He is wrapped up  in his own problem to hear what you are saying about it.  My son asked tonight if he could spend the night out.  I said no and he got really upset and started to cry.  I knew I was losing him.  I needed him to calm down. I do this by telling him I understand why he’s upset and I know it would be fun, but it’s a holiday weekend and we need to be well rested.  I know he was still upset, but he calmed down and was listening to what I was saying.

Do not to yell

I know this is hard one sometimes.  Your kids know when you are getting upset and frustrated.  Mine start getting defensive and start yelling back and now no one is listening to each other because they are to busy trying to get heard over the other person.  No one is listening!

Let them be heard

My older son loves to try and change my mind.  He is alway asking if he can say one more thing.  He feels like I’m not listening to him, but I am, he is the one not listening me.  There must be something in his mind that goes off when I say no.  He shuts down.  I let him tell me how he feels and I tell him understand.   My decision is made and I will not be changing my mind.  He needs to listen to what I am saying and accept it.  I always ask him if he understands what I just said.