Tips to Keep your Family Hydrated

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I have 3 very busy and active kids. They are at school all day and then racing to play practices. Every week night they are at football, baseball, or cheerleading. With all this running around, it’s very easy to forget to not talk to our kids why it’s important to drink water. Not only just for physical activity, but so they can do good in school because just being a little dehydrated can affect concentration and short term memory.

Tips for Hydration by Robin Plotkin include using age appropriate concepts to talk to your kids about the importance of hydration. For young children, explain that it helps them stay cool when they are hot; for older, school-aged children, remind them that even mild to moderate dehydration can negatively impact mood, energy, concentration, and short term memory—which are all important when studying, taking exams or playing sports.*

Tips to Keep your Family Hydrated

It’s actually very simple to incorporate water into a busy day. You just need to make it a habit.  Here are some things I do:

  1. Drink water in the car.* This is so easy to do everyone is already sitting down so this is a perfect opportunity to pass out some water bottles. It’s hard for them to get distracted while buckled in their seat.

Tips to Keep your Family Hydrated

2.  In a survey recently conducted by Nestlé® Pure Life® they found a majority of kids prefer a homemade lunch over a school bought lunch.*  This is a perfect opportunity to increase your child’s water intake. My kids love these little bottles that fit perfectly in their lunchbox.

Tips to Keep your Family Hydrated

  1. Always hydrate before a sports practice or event.  I always make them drink water before we get in the car to leave. It’s important to hydrate while there too. Of course carry water with you so they can drink it during water breaks. This is one sweaty football player.

Tips to Keep your Family Hydrated

  1. According to a survey recently conducted by Nestlé® Pure Life®, kids are most likely to choose a drink other than water at restaurants.* When my family went out we used to all get soda or lemonade because it was a special treat. My husband and I realized that they get enough sugar during the day and don’t need a soda too. Plus soda at a restaurant is sometimes over $2.00!  When you’re eating out, choose water.  Every time we eat out now I always order 5 waters.  Make sure to order one for yourself too to teach your kids by example.

When I’m at Walmart, I pick up some Nestlé® Pure Life® Water.  It’s really easy to find.  I like that they have different sizes to choose from.

Tips to Keep your Family Hydrated

Nestlé® Pure Life®  is a supporter of the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Drink Up Initiative.  Starting good habits when kids are young can have lifelong benefits.  To help your family Drink Up and be a part of the Ripple Effect – a movement to keep kids hydrated – visit  Moms can share their tips for healthy hydration.  You can also share them by using #pureliferippleeffect. Nestlé® Pure Life® has committed to provide nearly one million 8 ounce servings of water to kids this school year through After-School All-Stars. Information source – At over 20 participating schools in select markets across the country

I’ve given you some things I do to help my kids drink more water. Visit Nestlé® Pure Life® on Facebook and let them know your tricks to keep your kids hydrated!

*Nestlé® conducted an online survey in June 2015 of 1,077 moms of kids ages 6-12 overall, including 254 Hispanic moms of kids ages 6-12. 1,077 kids ages 6-12 from the same household were also surveyed, including 254 Hispanic kids ages 6-12. Hydration tips by Robin Plotkin – © 2015 Nestlé® Waters North America Inc.

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