Top 5 Things New Moms Need

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I was talking to a friend the other day who is pregnant and she was telling me all the new baby things that are available now.  My oldest child is 10 and my youngest is 4, which means I’m a little out of the loop when it comes to babies.   After speaking with her, I was amazed at the many new products available just in the last few years.  I do not know how I lived without some of them.

Top 5 Things New Moms Need

Top 5 Things New Moms Need

5.  Video Monitoring  These existed 10 years ago, but I didn’t know anyone who used one.  I remember the monitors being really large and cumbersome.  Today you can get little cameras and connect them to your iPhone via wifi and bluetooth.  You can even control the camera from your phone or computer and have them focus on different parts of the room.  It would be so convienient to be out doing yard work, while still making sure the baby was safe and secure.

4.  Baby Wraps  When I had my first child, I had to get a big bulky baby carrier.  An article that I read later claimed these carriers weren’t good for the baby’s legs because of the baby’s poor positioning.  There are so many more to choose from today.  I quickly learned how to use a wrap comfortably and even had one that was made for the pool.  It could get it wet, but it dried super fast.  My 3rd child loved it and I wore her around the house all day.

3.  Apps for moms  When I was pregnant 10 years ago I only had a flip phone.  Now there are apps that help keep track of nursing times and baby’s weight gain.  I would have LOVED a nursing app.  I nursed all 3 of my kids for at least one year.  I had notes all over the house when I was nursing.  I even wore a bracelet that I rotated between my left and right wrist to remind me the side my baby needed to nurse first.  That app would have made breastfeeding a little more efficient.

2.  Squeeze food pouches  This is such a great invention.  Who thought of this?  This frees up so much time for a mom.  If you are driving around during snack time, then you can just give them a food pouch.  You can clean the kitchen while letting your child eat in the high chair by themselves.  Plus, these are so easy to just throw in your diaper bag for emergencies without making a mess.   They even have reusable ones.

1. BabyBin–  What a great and unique service!  It is a monthly product delivery system to supply you with your baby needs…I wish I would have come up with that.  Here’s what you do.

  1.  Sign-up at
  2.  A real mom will call and help you customize your monthly orders
  3. Receive and use your bin
  4. Return what you don’t love, need or end up using within 30 days.

I wish they would have had that when I had my kids?I wish they had that when I had my baby.

This is an actual box they sent out.  I would have loved getting this in the mail.  For one, I hated running out to get diapers or pacifiers on cold mornings or in the middle of the night because I was out.  Second, I love getting surprises.  You probably know some of the things that will be in the box, but how fun is it to get some thing you never thought of.  It’s like your birthday!   Your box could include a cute outfit, toy, or a new kind of snack.  And if there’s something in the box that you just don’t like or need, then you can send it back free of charge.  Shipping is free both ways.  This is perfect for the busy mom.  Take a look at the BabyBin website.

It makes me wonder what the next 10 years has in store for new Moms.

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  1. Thanks for the great advice! This is awesome to know!!

  2. Emma T says:

    My son’s only 4, but I wish I’d known more about wraps at the time. By the time I did, he was really to big and heavy to be learning on.

    Things do change so quickly.


  3. You forgot sleep! 😉 Some good ideas here – we all need a bit of guidance to make sure we don’t get mental and get everything, or be too overwhelmed and get nothing! Thanks so much for linking this up to the 100th parenting pin it party.

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