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One trick to get your kids to stop whining

Whining can be such a bad habit for your kids to get into. Once you let it slide a couple of times it seems like it take weeks to get things back under control. When one kid starts, it’s a domino effect.  They all hear it and start to copy it.  You have an entire house full of whiners. You may even notice you starting to whine, trying to get them to stop whining.  ARG!!

Trick to get your kids to stop whining

Trick to get your kids to stop whining

I found something that works in my house.  When my kids start whining, I playfully start whining at them.  I just ignore what they are whining about and whine back at them.  It could be about dinner, snack or homework, but it works.  I try to keep it light hearted and fun and they usually start laughing at me.  They start to realize how they sound.  It stops them in their tracks and changes their behavior.  Once I get them to stop, I can point out how the behavior was inappropriate and annoying and talking like a normal person works out much better!  I also remind them that whining will not get them what they want.

Try this next time you have a whiner in your house.  See if it works.  I bet it will!

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