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TV Shows for Tweens that boys and girls will love

Here are some great TV shows for Tweens that you’ll enjoy watching with them for a fun family night.

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Let’s face it.  We’d love our kids to read and learn all day, but they’re going to watch some TV.  My kids love it, especially when it’s time to wind down for the day.  They need some time to let their brains rest, just like adults.   

When I was younger I remember watching sitcoms on TV; The Facts of Life, Webster, The Cosby Show, and Family Ties.  There aren’t many shows like that on TV anymore and I’m always trying to find something that I can watch with them.  

Here are some great TV shows for Tweens that you'll enjoy watching with them for a fun family night.

I’ve made a list of our favorite shows.  With 3 kids, we are usually busy with activities most nights, but when we’re  home, we usually watch one of these.   Here are some TV shows that your sons will love.  Our daughter also watches them and loves them too.

TV Shows for kids

1. Masterchef Jr–  My kids love this show and so does my husband.  Those aspiring young chefs are absolutely amazing.  I don’t know how they make fresh pasta.  I can’t even do that.  This is a cooking challenge show where contestants are eliminated each week until there is a winner.

2. Amazing Race I love to travel, but with kids we just don’t go a lot of places anymore.  As a family we love learning about all the places the show takes them and the challenges they encounter.  We always talk about if we were to go on the show and who would partner up with who.  They all know I will not do anything that has to do with heights.

3. Brain Games  My boys really like this National Geographic Channel series.  It’s a 30 minute program that talks about how your brain works and how it sometimes tricks you.  They give several examples on each topic during the episode which could be on lying, money, or peer pressure.

4. Mythbusters  This is a fun show that teaches too.  They are wrecking cars, jumping off buildings and catching things on fire!  I love how they explain why it’s important to test different methods too.

5. Alaska The Last Frontier  My son sings the theme song to this show all the time!  It’s about an extended family living on a homestead in Alaska.  It shows them hunting and raising animals.  Generally, I’m not a big fan of this genre, but I really like this one and the family seems normal compared to the other shows out there.

6. Bizarre Foods This is one of our favorites on The Travel Channel!  We love the host Andrew Zimmern.  My boys love getting grossed out by all the things he eats.  We always go around the room and ask each other if we would eat it too.  I’m allergic to eggs and shellfish so hearing him describe the way things taste is interesting to me.

7. Man Vs Food  Adam, the host, travels to different cities and goes to different restaurants and there’s a food eating challenge at the end.  What’s not to love about that?  The show went to New Orleans and we went last year for vacation.  We found the episode and watched it, then ate at one of the restaurants that had been featured on the show.  He had won a challenge by eating 180 oysters.  My kids spend the entire day trying to talk my husband into doing the challenge too.

8. The Goldbergs This is my family’s favorite show right now. If you have Hulu, you can watch it on there. We watch an episode every night and crack up. It’s so funny to watch a show that goes back to the 80’s.

9. Stranger Things- You can only watch this show on Netflix right now, but it’s so good. There are three seasons out now so you can binge watch it. If you have kids that are tweens and teens, it’s perfect because the kids on the show are that age.

More things that you can watch together!

Sheila @ BrainPowerBoy

Friday 15th of May 2015

Neat post. I found some shows we have not heard of before. Thanks :) I will be sharing this.