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Ways Your Kids Can Help Spring Clean

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I’ve started my spring cleaning already because we have had some beautiful days here in North Carolina.  I’ve even had the windows open this past weekend because it was in the 70’s!  It’s time to clean out and get rid of all the stuff you don’t need anymore.  Sometimes I look around and wonder why I have all this junk.  I bet your kids feel the same way sometimes.  Even though they have a room full of toys, how many do they actually play with.  Here are some ways that your kids can help and involved with the spring cleaning.

Ways Your Kids Can Help Spring Clean

  1. Start with their clothes-   Sit down together and empty out the drawers.  Make a few piles and start separating.  More than likely you’ll come across some clothes that are stained and have holes and they can go directly to the trash.  Have them help you make a giveaway pile of items that are small or never wear.  My boys seem to always have a few pieces of clothes they just don’t like.
  2. Shoes-  My kids can do this themselves.  I place a bin in the middle of the hall and they put all the shoes that don’t fit in it.
  3. Last, we put everything back folded in the drawers.  If they can’t fold yet, you can fold and they can add it to the drawers.

I like to start with clothes because they aren’t attached to them, like toys.  Once they get in the cleaning mode we switch to toys.

  1. Broken toys- Can the batteries be replaced to make it work or is it really done?  Kids can go fetch the batteries and help replace them.  They usually know why something doesn’t work.  I hear, “It got left out in the rain.” all the time.  I have them throw out all the toys that can’t be repaired.
  2. Garage items- We have tons of balls, nerf guns, sticks, and broken pieces of plastic toys.  Have them gather up the balls.  Pump them up. Pull out their sports bags and clean them out of trash.  This year we discovered 3 reusable water bottles from last summer!
  3. Art supplies-  This is one of the messiest places in my house.  My daughter does art all the time.  We have markers, crayons, paint, broken pencils, and paper all over!  I usually stock up on these supplies at back to school time so we can usually just trash most of this stuff and she loves to replace it with all the new. I love these bins.
  4. Board Games-  We don’t play board games that often anymore, but I’m always finding pieces of them everywhere.  Go through your games and decide if they’re worth keeping.  Tape up any smashed boxes.

These are the easy things that your kids can help you with before you get in there and really start getting rid of toys and doing a major clean out.  They may even suggest some things they want to donate or sell!  Good luck!

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