Winter Survival Kit for the Car for Southerns

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While driving to wrestling practice tonight, I looked at my thermometer in my car and it said 36F. That’s cold for 5:30 in NC! Then I got thinking, “Do I have everything I need in my car in case I have an emergency?”.  When I was college I had an old boyfriend’s Dad tell me that I should alway bring my coat in the car.  Many times I would just jump in and never bring it because I wasn’t planning on being outside.  I was just going from building to building.  He told me I could have a flat and I would be out of luck. Well, driving back from school one day, I had a flat tire and I didn’t have my coat.  I try to be prepared now because I had to call for help.  I couldn’t change it myself because it was freezing out.

Winter Survival Kit for your Car

Doesn’t that photo look beautiful?  I normally don’t drive in bad weather, but you never know what’ going to happen.  Now that I have kids, I try to be prepared and I’m going to give you my list of things I keep in my car in the winter.

Remember- We don’t really get snow here so I’m not traveling with a shovels and gravel! 🙂  If you live in an area with snow, you will need additional supplies!!!

Do you keep anything different in your car in the winter?  Am I leaving out something important?

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  1. Belinda says:

    Each person in our family has a “Cold Bag” in the car they drive (usually an old backpack). It must have an extra knit cap that covers at least ears, hoodie sweatshirt, sweatpants, extra socks, extra gloves, extra scarf, extra fleecy blanket, and anything else they want). This just stays in the vehicle from fall until spring.
    These are not fashionable clothes (just stay alive clothes) if you should break down!

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