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Don't underestimate your tween! They should be able to do most chores around your house by themselves. Here are some great chores for tweens. 0

Chores for Tweens

I’ve written several posts about tweens, chores and allowance. We’ve recently changed up our allowance system and it’s working great.

Allowance for Tweens 0

Allowance for Tweens

Allowance for kids can be so tricky. I even wrote a small series and kids and allowance. Since my boys are getting a little older and officially tweens, my husband and I have changed...

Raising your kids to be money smart 0

Raising your kids to be MONEY SMART

Teaching your kids about money is something all parents should have as a priority. Sometimes parents avoid money talk and allowance all together because they aren’t sure what to teach their kids.  They may not even...