up close boy teen in blue sweatshirt driving white van

Tips on how to teach your teenager to drive

You haven’t known fear until you’ve ridden with a 15-year-old driver! Even if you have a good driver, it’s still scary, and teaching them can be even scarier!

These praline chews are the best eggless cookie around. I love the maple flavor with the crunch! YUM! You'll want to add these to your recipe book.

Delicious & Simple Maple Cookies with Pecans

These maple cookies are the best eggless cookie around. I love the maple flavor with the crunch! YUM! You’ll want to add these to your recipe book. These are one of my most favorite cookies to make!  I...

money sprinkled on white marble table toip with green plant and pink candle

How to save more money every month

You’ll love these easy ways to save money every month and cut costs to reduce your monthly bills. If you have kids, then you know they get more expensive each year and monthy expenses...

Cute Printable 2021 Calendar {for FREE}

Thank goodness it’s a new year! Let’s get started off the right way by downloading this cute printable 2021 calendar for FREE. I’ve made a yearly calendar every year for the four or five...

overhead view of square dish with sweet potato casserole

How to make Sweet Potato Bake Recipe with Oatmeal Topping

This sweet potato bake (sweet potato casserole) is so easy and has the perfect fall flavors with a little crunch on top. One of my favorite things about the fall is the food and...

2 pumpkin muffins with muffin tin in background

How to Make Eggless Pumpkin Muffins

It’s fall and time to start eating pumpkin food! You won’t believe how delicious these eggless pumpkin muffins are and how easy they are to make. These muffins taste fantastic and are so light...

corn on the cob with cheese on top on top of foil

Delicious Corn on the Cob on the Grill

This delicious corn on the cob on the grill is great for any dinner or weekend cookout. The parmesan and garlic make it the perfect side dish. Delicious Corn on the Cob on the...