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Don't you just love free things? Keep the clutter down and save some money. Use this list where you can get free ebooks online.

Where can I get free ebooks?

I am addicted to books! I collect them. I’m sure my husband would say I hoard them. He is probably right! I have had a hard time making the switch to reading on a tablet.

10 Halloween Books your Kids Will Love

10 Halloween Books For Kids and they’ll LOVE them!

I love Halloween. My kids start discussing what they’ll dress up as around Christmas. Since many kids have to read for school and you spend time reading to them you should get some of these great books.

I love to read, but it's hard to find easy books when you're busy doing mom things. Here's a great list of books that are easy to read for busy moms.

Good Books that are Easy to Read for Busy Moms

I have a few recipes to post on the blog, but instead of having an easy night and using one of those, I decided to write a post of some of my favorite books I’ve read.