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Halloween Books for Preschoolers

These are the BEST Halloween books for preschoolers that you’ll want to read. Check them out and get ready for a great Halloween season!

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Now that it’s officially fall, we can talk about Halloween! I love Halloween. My kids start discussing what they’ll dress up as around Christmas. They’re crazy!

It’s that time of year to start throwing some holiday books into the mix and since many kids love this time of year, you should spend some time reading Halloween themed books. I love book lists. I look at them all the time for the books I read, so I thought I would create one here. Here are some of our favorite Halloween books.

There are some Halloween picture books and board books that are perfect for a baby’s first Halloween but also great for other children in the house already and great to read aloud. Also, there are no spooky monsters or haunted houses.

2 kids reading a book. One boy dressed as a skeleton and one girl with a big pink bow

With the spooky season fast approaching, there’s no better time to explore Halloween books with your preschoolers. Whether you’re visiting your local library or browsing through Amazon, you’ll discover a delightful selection of both seasonal and non-scary Halloween books that cater to kids of all ages.

These early readers come with charming stories and sweet illustrations that perfectly embody the magic of Halloween. From friendly ghosts to playful black cats, these books not only introduce preschoolers to the joys of Halloween but also emphasize important values like friendship, kindness, and teamwork—an ideal combination for a delightful Halloween party and the big day itself.

Whether it’s your child’s first year donning a Halloween costume or a cherished annual tradition, sharing these adorable books is a surefire way to embrace the Halloween spirit and create some happy Halloween memories together.

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