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Trick or Treating Treats that aren’t CANDY

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I don’t know about you, but my kids come home with so much candy and junk on Halloween night it’s ridiculous!  There is no way we could ever eat that much candy.  I don’t mind a little candy, but really, the amounts they come home with is insane.  I rarely buy candy anyway.

Trick or Treating Treats that aren't CANDY

 A couple of years ago I decided to try something new.  I went out to buy candy and it was really expensive.  Some of the bags were over $15.  I realized I would be spending $40-$50 on candy we would be handing out.    I went a new route and got little toys and trinkets to hand out instead.  My husband made fun of me and said no one would like our house because they weren’t getting candy, but I can tell you it was a hit.  Kids were really happy to see something different.  They loved the little toys I had gotten.  Here are some things I got and things I’m adding to my list.

Trick or Treating Treats

Vampire Whistles

I could hear these up and down the street.  They were very popular.


Glow in the Dark Bugs


Vampire Teeth


Spider Rings




Glow Sticks– Tube of 100

Halloween Stickers




Each child received one item and had a ton left over. I realized that when I handed out the candy I usually gave out a couple of pieces per child, but they were happy receiving less of these.  I had enough to go the next year too without buying anything!  All of these items are Amazon Prime so you can get them in 2 days with FREE shipping if you are a member.


Wednesday 5th of October 2016

Glow sticks are always a hit here. That's what we're giving out this year, too!