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This brussel sprouts with cranberries dish is the best side dish for fall and winter. It's perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but easy enough for a weeknight meal. 0

Brussel Sprouts with Cranberries

Ok-  It’s really close to Thanksgiving (and Christmas when you think about it) and you need a veggie dish.  This is the recipe for you.  I alway feel that these holiday meals are full of...

Mexican Corn and Bean Salad 2

Mexican Corn and Bean Salad

Yea! It’s summer!! We’ve been out less than a week and we’re already so busy. We’ve had baseball and lacrosse and lots of days at the neighborhood pool. We had a great routine last year where I would pack a lunch and eat at the pool.

Three Bean Marinated Salad 1

Three-Bean Marinated Salad

There were some pretty good and important football games this past weekend. I didn’t want to spend all my time in the kitchen cooking and missing out on the fun so I found an easy meal for my family so we could all watch the games together.