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Unique Gifts for Dog Lovers

Everyone loves a cute puppy. Here are the best gifts for dog lovers for any occasion. Perfect for all pet parents!

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You must have a dog lover in your life.  If you aren’t an animal lover, it can be hard to think of gifts for these special people in you life, but everyone know someone that is a dog owner of loves dogs!

Whether it’s a rescue dog or a fancy breed, dog owners are crazy over their little pooches! Here are some ideas that will get you started for all the dog owners you know.

Everyone loves a cute puppy! Here's a great guide of gifts for dog lovers for any occasion. There are some cute ones here.

Gifts for Dog Lovers

Cute Dog Socks – Cute socks is the best dog lover gift for anyone, so why not make them dog themed.  There are tons to choose from here.

Dog Themed Jewelry – Dog Lovers will be excited to wear jewelry letting the world know about their passion.  Check out this Best Friends Necklace with Collar Clip for the dog’s collar!

Dog-Opoly – Perfect for the Dog Lover that is also a game lover!

Dog Movie DVD Collection – Lots of movies for a Dog Lover to curl up and share with their favorite furry friend.

Phone Case – Dog Lovers can take their favorite breed everywhere with these cute phone cases available in several different breeds for several makes and models of phones.

Dog Photo Frame – Dog Lovers can never display too many pictures of their best furry friends!

Dog Apron – Even dog lovers have to protect their clothing while they cook!

Dog Skirt-  Need a new shirt to wear to work or church.  Here ya go.  This is adorable and perfect for a dog mom.

Doodling for Dog Lovers – This book on drawing with a dog theme is sure to catch the eye of a Dog Loving artist.

Everyone loves a cute puppy! Here's a great guide of gifts for dog lovers for any occasion. There are some cute ones here.

Dog Lovers Coloring Book – Great for Dog Lovers of any age!

Dog Butt Magnets – For the Dog Lover with a funny sense of humor.

Texts from Dog, Page-a-Day Calendar – Another good gift for a Dog Lover that likes to laugh!

Dog Wine Glass Charms – The perfect gift for dog parents that are wine lovers too.

Bed Sheets – Every dog lover will enjoy cuddling up in these soft sheets.

More gifts for dog lovers

Dog Travel Mug – The classic quick gift idea that is great for everyone, in a Dog Lover theme. There are so many to choose from and great for both men and women pet owners.

Dog water bottle– This is perfect for people that take their dog out a lot. It’s a gift for the dog and owner. It even has a little water bowl and even a dog bowl to keep some food stored.

Dog Dish Towels – Dog Lovers need to keep their kitchens clean.  Perfect for wiping up doggie drool too!

Silicone Dog Bone and Paw Molds – These can be used for making so many things:  ice cubes, dog treats, human treats, crayons, etc.

Doggie Shower Curtain – My daughter would love to have this in her bathroom!

Dog Lover Hoodie – Great for a Dog Lover to throw on when taking their favorite pooch out to walk.

Paw Print Keepsake Kit – A great way for a dog lover to mark a birthday, adoption day, or memorial for their special fur baby. We have a dog print of our first dog that hangs on the tree every Christmas.

Dog Lover Table Cloth – Dog Lovers have to make sure that everyone that comes to visit knows they have a love for dogs!

Dog Lover Wall Hook – If you love dogs, you need a place to keep leashes, keys, and other items for quick access when a walk or potty break is needed!

Planter – Too cute for words!  And available in several different breeds.

Did you Feed the Dog Tracker – We really need one of these in our house!  Our dog loves to act like he hasn’t been fed.  One time we realized we had all four given him breakfast at different times!

Dog Themed Umbrella – Dog Lovers have to walk their furry friends in all kinds of weather.

Willow Tree Angel – Perfect for the Dog Lover that helps you take care of your dog too.

Dog Themed Lunch Tote – Dog Lovers can pack their lunches in style with this lunch bag!