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Don't underestimate your tween! They should be able to do most chores around your house by themselves. Here are some great chores for tweens. 0

Chores for Tweens

I’ve written several posts about tweens, chores and allowance. We’ve recently changed up our allowance system and it’s working great.

Chores for your 1st and 2nd Graders 0

Chores for 1st and 2nd Graders

All kids need to do chores around the house to help out the family and learn responsibility.  I’m not talking about being a slave driver, just normal things that kids need to learn and...

16 Chores for your Preschooler 0

16 Chores for your Preschooler

Your preschooler can help out so much at your house. Let them be independent and assign them chores to complete around the house. I don’t have a chore chart at my house because I’ve learned that it is overwhelming to my kids.