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10 Ways Your Kids Can Help With Laundry

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I was at a baseball tournament all weekend.  I spend a lot of time in between games hanging out and talking with other moms.  We talk about vacations, homework, and chores.  I love hearing what other families do for discipline, bed times, and dinners.  One thing we talked about this weekend were chores and allowance.  I was surprised how many of the kids help out with laundry!  I like the idea of everyone helping out with laundry because everyone wears clothes and contributes to the huge pile of dirty clothes.

10 Ways your kids can help with Laundry

Here are some ways to get the kids involved with laundry.

  1. First, make sure your kids use a laundry basket or has an assigned spot to put the dirty clothes or you will be finding dirty clothes all over the house.
  2. Take turns gathering the dirty laundry or assign a child to this task.  My laundry room in downstairs and our bedrooms are upstairs so we throw our clothes over the railing.  The kids love to do this.  They dump their baskets right over.
  3. Gather items that aren’t in the baskets.  Don’t forget about towels that are hanging up, hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen, and sheets.
  4. They can help sort.  This is a job that’s great for even the preschoolers.  They can put towels into one pile and jeans in another.  You can teach older ones exactly what kinds of piles you want and how big to make them.
    10 Ways your kids can help with Laundry
  5. When the washing machine buzzer goes off, your child can transfer over to the dryer and turn it on.
  6. Kids can take the clothes out of the dryer and bring them to the folding area.
  7. If you are brave, you can let them fold.  I’m not sure how many times I have tried to teach my boys to fold, but they are horrible at it.  Maybe starting with some simple items will help, like towels and washcloths.
  8. They can match up the socks.  I also have a bag for missing socks.  They go through that every couple of weeks and try and find some matches.
  9. We put all of our clothes in baskets and take them back upstairs.  I get one of the kids to take the clothes out and sort them into piles on my bed.  Each child has a designated section for their clothes.

Here’s what a normal basket looks like for me!  I put this on Instagram last summer.  It hasn’t gotten any better!

10 Ways your kids can help with Laundry

10.  Last, they can put their clothes into the correct drawers.

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