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How to clean your house in 2 hours

Who wants to spend the entire weekend cleaning? Grab this cleaning routine guideline on how you clean your house in 2 hours.

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Some people love house cleaning, while most don’t but having a clean house feels so nice. Depending on the size of your house, you should be able to have a clean home in 2 hours. Read below to get a great cleaning plan so you can get it done and have some fun.

Clean white kitchen with breakfast on the counter

2 Hour House Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your entire house in 2 hours is very doable. No one wants to spend a weekend cleaning after a hard week of work, running around to practices, helping with homework and making dinner. Turn on some music and recruit some family members to get it done even faster.


Keep your cleaning products in one area so you aren’t wasting time searching for them. Keeping them in a caddy so you can cart them from room to room is great or you can keep cleaning supplies in each area.

Hint: Since cleaning products were hard to find last year, I was forced to buy Pine Sol which I normally didn’t use. However, I’ve been using it ever since. It’s a multipurpose cleaner so I can use one spray bottle for most of my cleaning in the bathroom, kitchen and even mopping.

What order to clean your house

Remember- This is just a guideline because everyone uses their house in different ways. Some homes are bigger so it may take longer. Having little kids can also mean more spills, dirt and clutter.

Pick up Clutter (15 Minutes)

Sometimes cleaning up the clutter lying around the house takes longer to pick up than the actual cleaning! I always start by doing this because you can’t start the cleaning until your areas are clutter free. Clean off counters, pick up clothes that are on the floor, papers, mail, shoes, toys and dishes. Putting things in a laundry basket is a huge help because you can fill it up and carry it room to room to put things back in the proper location.

clean bathroom counter with white cabinets and white sink

Bathrooms (40 Minutes)

Start with the place that gets used the most and gets the dirtiest. This will take the longest to clean and is best tackled at the beginning when you have the most energy. 🙂

Bathrooms take a long time and most people have 2-3 to clean. Read this article to get to the nitty-gritty of cleaning the bathroom.

Kitchen (35 Minutes)

Throw away old food, straighten out the pantry, wipe the counters and appliances down. You’ll want to load the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start it. Here’s a great article about what you need to clean in the kitchen.

Clean kitchen counter with light blue cabinets with white sink

Living Room, Office, Dining Room, Bonus Room, Bedroom etc (25 Minutes)

You may or may not have some of these other areas. If you do, you may not use them that much. Maybe you can do certain rooms every other week or since they aren’t used. You’ll want to dust and fluff the pillows.

Woman cleaning the counter in the kitchen

Sweep and Vacuum (20 Minutes)

Save this step for last! Now you can get those pretty lines on the floor that will give your rooms that finishing touch. If you don’t have a robot vacuum, then you need to save up and get one! We love ours and I run it every day somewhere in the house.

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