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Checklist for Bathroom Cleaning

It’s time to deep clean your bathroom. No one likes to do it! Here’s a great checklist for bathroom cleaning so you don’t forget anything.

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I’ve been working on spring house cleaning for over a month now.  I’ve been slowly going room to room deep cleaning and getting organized.  I love having boxes of trash and items to donate.  I don’t know how I’ve accumulated so much stuff.  

This week I worked on the bathrooms while the kids were in school.  They’re usually the last rooms I do because they are my least favorite.  Make sure to save this bathroom cleaning checklist for thee easy cleaning tips.

Soap dispenser and spa towel on pastel bathroom window interior

Cleaning the Bathroom Checklist


Go along the edges with a wet wash cloth and get off all the dust and hair that’s been accumulating.  Check behind the door!

Shower Head  

Look up when you’re showering.  Do you see some areas where the water isn’t coming out or clogged.  Time to clean it.  Most shower heads you can take off.  Scrub with a toothbrush to clean out the head.  You can also soak with a vinegar/water solution to get it cleaned out.

Shower Drain  

I had a removable plastic drain in my shower.  It was looking disgusting and covered in soap scum.  I replaced it with a metal one that I bought off Amazon.  It makes it looks nicer and easy to clean.  Take the time to lift it up and get all the mold and mildew off the rim.


Take your bathroom trashcan, squirt it with some dish detergent and scrub it out with a scrub brush. If it looks really bad, just replace it.

Throw out old lotions, soaps, and shampoos

I don’t know how I get a ton of these!  Some I keep “for an emergency” and I never use them.  Just get rid of them.  If you haven’t used it in a year, then you probably will never use it.

Faucet spouts  

Mold collects on the bottom of your faucet where the water comes out.  Take time to use your old toothbrush and scrub it clean.

white bathroom with big white claw bathtub

Towels, hand towels and washcloths

Go through your towels and get rid of all the gross ones.  I threw out some with bleach stains and frayed edges.  If they are smelling bad you can get rid of that mildew smell.

Bottom of your cabinets  

Take everything out of your cabinets under your sink.  Get a washcloth and clean out the bottom.  It can get covered with makeup, lotions and other spills.  Wash and dry it before you start adding everything back in.

Clean out your medicine cabinet

Take everything out and wipe it all down. There is probably a ton of dust and caked-on toothpaste! Throw out-of-date medicines that are past the expiration dates and old makeup and lotions that aren’t being used anymore.

Mop Floor  

How much do you really mop the bathroom floor? I feel like I’m just using a wipe most the time. Get out your favorite floor cleaner and actually mop the floor. If you have boys, make sure to mop it twice! Take special care around the toilet bowl.

Shower curtain  

If you have a shower curtain, take it off and throw it in the washing machine.  These can get covered with dust.  Our shower and toilet are right next to each other in our children’s bathroom.  I have two boys and somehow they manage to get pee on the shower curtain.  It’s disgusting and I DO wash it often. Replace your shower liner if it’s old.

Bath Toys

Do your kids have a lot of little toys laying around.  Clean those out too.  Check out all the rubber ducks and other toys that squirt water.  Those get yucky mold in them.   Some of those I just throw away so I don’t have to mess with cleaning them.  Most of the time my daughter never misses it.  I like to throw our bath toys in the dishwasher to get them clean.

Complete any home improvement projects

If you have a towel rack that was pulled out of the wall, replace it. If you have a hole from the doorknob, patch up the drywall. These projects can really pile on if you don’t take care of them.

Clean the mirror

Most of the time I just do a quick wipe down of my mirrors. Take your time with a good glass cleaner or a vinegar and water mixure and microfiber cloth. Don’t forget the very tops and corners. You may need to get a step stool.

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Hope you are about done with your spring cleaning because I am and ready to enjoy the rest of spring and summer!

Erin - Suburban Simplicity

Wednesday 27th of April 2016

Thanks for the tips! Not my favorite subject - bathroom cleaning - but it must be done!