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Kitchen Spring Cleaning- 10 Things that most people forget!

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It was a very strange weekend for us.  We didn’t have any practices or games, wrestling meets or plans.  I started my spring cleaning instead!  It was in the 20’s here in NC, but I’m hoping spring is on it’s way (and soon).  I started with the place I like the least, the kitchen.  It always takes forever and I’m always getting sidetracked with other things since it’s right in the middle of our house.  Most people do the basics when spring cleaning, like matching up all the lids to their containers and throwing away old food in the pantry.  I made a list of 10 things that people easily forget, but need to be done.

It's that time again- SPRING CLEANING!! Get this GREAT list of kitchen spring cleaning tasks that most people forget! You don't want to leave these off yours.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning- 10 Things that most people forget!

Wipe down the legs, base, and chairs of your kitchen table.  If you have kids then you know that food ends up in the strangest places.  My youngest is 5 and I still find milk drops on the base of my table.  How does that happen?  I usually do this with a bowl of hot sudsy water and a wash cloth to speed up the process.

Silverware Drawer Even though you are only putting clean thing in your silverware drawer there always seems to be little bits of food and junk in it.  This is a good time to empty it out and clean your utensil holder.  If it’s bad, just buy a new one.  They’re pretty inexpensive.

Clean the floor of your pantry  Don’t forget to clean the floor of your pantry when you’re in there throwing away all the bad food.  Take everything out and give it a good mop.  You’ll find pretzels and all kinds of crumbs.

Take out the drawers in your refrigerator and clean under them.  I wipe down my shelves all the time, but taking the drawers out and cleaning under them is a chore.  I do this during spring cleaning.  You don’t realize all the stuff that gets under there.

Wipe down baseboards  This doesn’t take me long, but our kitchen is probably the most used room in the house.  There is a ton of traffic and the baseboards start to look grungy.  I use a Magic Eraser and sometimes I put my kids on this task.

Clean out coffee pot  If you drink coffee, then this is the perfect time to run some vinegar through your coffee pot and give it a good cleaning.  I usually run it 2 to 3 times with water to rinse out the vinegar.

Clean out your dishwasher-  I always get down and clean out all the gunk that’s inside and wipe down around the sides.  We’ve had ours flood before because some plastic got stuck in the drain so I like to make sure everything’s out that’s not supposed to be in there.

Spruce up your ice maker–  I like to use this time to pull out my ice maker and chisel away at all the ice that stuck to the sides.  I hate it when I’m needing ice, but it’s all clogged up.  This keeps it working well.

Clean off refrigerator  If you’re like me, then you have pictures, letters from teachers, art work, and baseball schedules all over the refrigerator .  It’s time to bring the trashcan over and throw away all the old stuff.  If you’ve accumulated pictures, then put some away to make room for the new ones.

Don’t forget the trashcan!  I like to take mine outside and give it a squirt of soap and scrub it,  inside and out.   It gets out some of the bad smell and just makes it look a little nicer.

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karyl henry

Friday 19th of February 2016

This is another great list thank you! I clean my coffee pot once a month. Even though it's just me, it is gross how dirty the water is on the first run-through.