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Chores for 7 year olds

Kids can do a lot more than you expect. There are a lot of chores that they can tackle. Here’s a great list of chore ideas for 7-year-olds.

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All children need to do chores around the house to help out the family and learn responsibility and life skills.  I’m not talking about heavy duty stuff, just normal things that kids need to learn and take pride in.

Here’s a list of age appropriate chores that most 1st and 2nd graders should be able to handle.  I’m not talking about the entire list, just a few household tasks.  I don’t think kids should have that many chores.  Pick a few that work with you, your child and your schedule.  

Each child is different and they’ll have to be taught the way to do things.  Kids just don’t know how to set the table.  You have to be patient at first, making sure they do things correctly.

girls with long hair and pink hand band with cleaning gloves on cleaning the floor with a pink towel

Chores for a 7 year old

With school starting, it’s a good time to implement a new chore routine too.  There are a lot of things your kids can do.  We switch things up at our house a lot and we rotate most of these household chores.  

They like being able to do a lot of different things.  Many times I give them a choice of which ones they’re going to do and they seem to like that.  Just pick one or two and get started!

Doing chores teaches kids responsibility, pride and helps make them, even more, self-sufficient. If you’re having trouble getting your kids to complete their list, you should do a chore chart so they can check off things they complete. My youngest LOVES checklists. Stickers and rewards can work too.

If you are a chore chart person, then here are a few that are really good. It could give you a few new ideas.

  • Board with Chores– This is a really cute idea. It takes some work to make it but it looks fun and can get kids into doing their chores.
  • Paint Chip Chart– This one looks simple and easy to do!
  • Custom Chore Chart– This is the cutest chore chart you can personalize from Etsy. I love Etsy and buy stuff from their sellers all the time. This seller is all about the chore charts!!

This is a great article on why one mom let go of using chore charts. I can feel her pain! Using a chore chart with my boys was horrible and made more work for myself. It wasn’t worth it. Here’s another article on help when chore charts don’t work for your family.

Beautiful daughter and mother cleaning kitchen table

Chore list for Kids

Taking care of the family pet

If you have a pet, then elementary aged kids can fill up water dishes and feed pets. They can also brush the dog and put away any pet toys.

Pick up the dog poop

I sure don’t like doing this so I passed it on to my kids! 🙂 They’ve been doing this for years. This is an easy way to get kids helping in taking care of their pets.

Put their toys away

This is a no-brainer. If you get a toy, you put it away when you’re done. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and you may have to help get them organized to start, but they should do it. It helps them realize the mess they make and the consequences of getting everything out! Did you know having a clean room and house reduces stress levels?

Make their bed

This is such an easy chore. I once read an article that said you should make your bed every morning. It gives you a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning and it makes you feel good to come into your room and see a straight bed.

modern kids room with doll and pillows on bed

Water plants

I like this one a lot. It teaches kids how to take care of something alive and doing it consistently is important.

Gather and sort their own laundry

Kids can get their dirty clothes hamper and bring it to the laundry room and help get it ready to wash.

Set the table and clear table

My daughter has been doing this for about 4 years now and she has it down to a science. She does it after every dinner.

Wash the pots and pans

Your kids may make a mess, but it’s a pretty easy chore to do.

Cleaning the garage

All of our kids do this because there is always a huge mess from playing with all their outside toys, bikes and shoes.

Yard Work

Kids of all ages can help in the yard. They can plant flowers, pull weeds and gather sticks and downed branches and help rake the leaves.

I’m sure they have all seen movies or TV shows where the kids jump into a huge pile of leaves. That’s a great incentive on getting them to rake.

Load and unload the dishwasher

Your kids may not be able to do this entire chore on their own, but that doesn’t mean they can’t up away the silverware and plastic cups. We moved our plastic dishes down low so the kids could reach them easier and now they can help clean up easier.

Dirty dishes loaded in a dishwasher with opened front door.

Clean and vacuum the car

This is another chore my daughter has been doing for years. There is always trash, water bottles from sports and shoes cluttering the car. This is an easy chore for kids.


This is an easy chore and it’s hard to screw it up. You choose what rooms or furniture you want them to do.

Sweep the floor

This is something that they get better and better at the more they do it. I don’t criticize any spots missed, but point out a section they should go over again. Soon they’ll start noticing those spots too.

Vacuum the carpet

We have one of those robo vacuums and they can easily move it from room to room, clean up all the big stuff and start it. We’ve named ours Hilda and she’s always running.