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Over 75 of the Best Movies for Tweens that you can enjoy too!

Does your family like having movie night? Here are the best movies for tweens that you will enjoy too. Grab the popcorn!

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Tweens are at such a weird age and finding movies for tweens that are appropriate can be tough.  However, there are a lot of timeless movies and movies made today that are great for both you and your tween and you both can enjoy them

I am so excited for summer!! I love later bedtimes and sleeping in and that there’s no baseball, soccer, football, and lacrosse practice. It’s so nice to be unscheduled and can just chill!  

I love finding movies for my older kids who are 11 and 13.   I love to see their faces when a good story comes on and not just a silly cartoon.

Now that my kids are getting older, movie nights are much more fun! We love watching movies and we’re always streaming TV shows.

I’ve recently starting updating the DVD’s in my car to more age appropriate movies- out with the cartoons and in with some live action!

Update: I’ve updated this list from the original because do tweens really watch DVD’s anymore? I think you can stream every movie listed.

I tried to come up with some movies both girls and boys would like.  My daughter is 9 so I had a harder time with those and tried to think back at the movies I liked! 🙂

hand holding remote looking for movies for older kids

OVER 75 of the BEST Movies for Tweens

Middle school is a weird time for kids because they like movies like Spy Kids and then shows like OBX. One is more childlike, while the other leans more to the adult side. They enjoy both teen movies and kid’s movies and finding a movie for family movie night that the whole family can be challenging.

We took a break from movies for a couple of weeks and streamed Stranger Things.  Both my boys loved this show and recommend it to your family.  We can’t wait for the next season!

Before you get to the list, I want you to see our new favorite movie popcorn!  It’s so good.  We’ve been having it all summer. It’s honey cinnamon and so EASY!  It’s a nice change from regular popcorn and perfect if you have a sweet tooth.

I also have a candied popcorn recipe that’s just as delicious!

popcorn bowl with cinnamon honey popcorn overflowing on wooden table

What is a good movie for tweens?

Here are some of the movies that are in my queue to watch this summer! The best movies for 13 year olds.

1. National Treasure

National Treasure is rated PG and a great action adventure with Nick Cage! We got this Nick Cage Pillow for a Christmas gift one year and it’s hilarious!

2. High School Musical

I had to add a few musicals in the list too. This is a great Disney movie and rated G. Everyone will have a crush on Zac Efron after watching this.

3. All the Karate Kid movies

My daughter threw a fit whenever I suggested watching The Karate Kid. She didn’t want to watch it. Well, she went as the karate kid for Halloween that year! She loved it. Wax on, wax off! It’s rated PG.

4. Rudy

This PG movie is even better because you know it’s a true story. There won’t be a dry eye at the end of this inspiring football movie.

5. Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton has made many good films for this age group. Did you know this is owned by Disney?

6. The Maze Runner Trilogy

I read this book series and knew my kids would enjoy the movies. They are full of action when a group of teen boys are trapped in a maze. It’s rated PG-13.

7. Enola Holmes

8. Forrest Gump

My kids are HUGE fans of Tom Hanks and we even had a month or two where we only watched movies starring Tom Hanks. Even though this movie is long, people of all ages love it! You get to see the life of Forrest Gump and him always finding his way back to his Jenny, It’s rated PG-13.

9. Harry and the Henderson’s

This PG movie is fun when a family accidentally hits bigfoot with their car and ends up taking him back to their house.

10. Cloak and Dagger

This is an action adventure movie where the kid outsmarts the adults. It’s old, but holds up to the test of time. The lead actor is Henry Thomas that plays in ET. It’s rated PG.

11. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

A young Keanu Reeves, time travel and rock n roll- What else can you ask for? It’s rated PG.

12. Better Off Dead

This short PG movie is about a teen breakup and follows the main character, Lane, in the aftermath.

13. Secretariat

Would you ever believe that a horse could be the main character of a movie? This PG movie, is a true story, about the road to winning the Triple Crown.

14. The Boy Who Could Fly

This PG movie is about a teen girl who moves to a new home and next door to an autistic boy. It’s just what each other needed.

boy in jeans with TV remote

15. Dead Poets Society

Robin Williams plays a teacher at a male boarding school and changes lives! It’s rated PG.

16. The Princess Bride

Everyone loves this fairy tale! It’s a classic with great acting.

17. Short Circuit

Short Circuit is a PG movie that is about robots that become intelligent and escape. Kind of scary, but the movie is fun!

18. The Parent Trap

This is a remake of a movie from 1961, so everyone should know the story of The Parent Trap when two twin sisters switch places.

19. Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler is hilarious and is the star of this movie. He wants to be a hockey player but ends up becoming a professional golfer.

20. The Black Stallion

This is a classic film that stands the test of time. If you aren’t familiar with the Black Stallion, it’s about a boy that finds a wild horse and trains it.

21. Pirates of the Caribbean

All the movies! If you’re a fan of Johnny Depp then go back and watch his old-school movie Cry Baby. I’m really showing my age with that one, but I watched that movie over and over when I was younger.

22. The Perfect Game

A true baseball movie about the first team to win the Little League World Series that was from another country. It’s rated PG.

23. The Dark Crystal

This magical story that uses muppets and takes place on a different planet can’t be missed. It’s rated PG.

24. The NeverEnding Story

I know you are singing the song by now. I bet so many more people have watched this movie because of Stranger Things.

This movie is about a boy, a special book and a fantasy world.

25. The NEW Jumanji

We LOVE this movie at my house! Jack Black is so funny and it’s a great remake. When a group of teens gets stuck in a video game, you get to go along with all their adventures. It’s rated PG-13.

26. Ghostbusters

This is the original Ghostbusters movie and it’s a classic PG-13 movie. A group of guys tries to save New York City from invading ghosts.

Here are more tween movies for older kids.

27. Space Balls

If you are in the mood for a comedy, then this is your film. You will be laughing the whole time about this fun take on Star Wars. It’s rated PG.

28. Harry Potter

Another book series that you should read first. I don’t think I have to explain anything about these movies.

29. The Perks for Being a Wallflower

This is a high school movie about a boy who makes friends with some seniors and they take him under their wings. It’s rated PG-13.

30. Clueless

Clueless is a classic and people still quote lines from it. Cher is a popular and rich high school student and the movie followers her going to parties, playing matchmaker and doing makeovers. It’s rated PG-13.

35. Hairspray

Hairspray is such a fun movie with great songs and dancing. There are also several different remakes of this movie. It’s rated PG.

36. Adventures in Babysitting

This is a fun adventure movie I loved when I was younger. I do remember one F-word in it!! If you are a parent, then you probably know the scene I’m talking about it. It’s rated PG-13.

37. Ender’s Game

This book is a fun book for tweens to read and then watch the movie. Harrison Ford plays in this futuristic rated PG-13 movie about aliens and space.

37. Twilight series

I know these are kind of silly, but they are still fun to watch and the books are easy to read. Who doesn’t like a story of vampires and werewolves?

38. Percy Jackson

Many kids study Greek mythology in elementary school and this is a great series to read while they are doing this. Disney is also making this into a TV show.

39. Hunger Games– Complete Series

I just rewatched the whole series last week and these are such great movies (and books). The story follows Katniss Everdeen and her role in the downfall of the dystopian world of Panem. The films are full of great actors and actresses. Rated PG-13.

40. Hidden Figures

A great story of female African-American mathematicians and the US space program. It’s rated PG so the whole family can enjoy it.

41. The Rookie

If you like baseball, then this movie is for you. It’s rated G and is a fun story about a high school baseball coach trying out for the major leagues.

42. Arrival

This story is all about aliens and about working to communicate with them after they appear. It’s rated PG-13.

43. Jurassic Park

The entire Jurassic Park collection takes you into the world of dinosaurs. Luckily, there are many movies so you can continue with the adventure!

44. Undefeated

This is a movie about a volunteer coach trying to help a group of underprivileged football players in Memphis. Rated PG-13

45. The Hobbit

The Hobbit is the book before The Lord of the Rings. It’s an easy and short read. The movie is a fantastic fantasy following the adventures of Bilbo Baggins. It’s rated PG-13.

Scroll down to get the rest of the list. There are a lot more down below!

Best Movies for Tweens

You can get most of these movies on DVD’s and Amazon Prime Video!  Consider signing up to get movies, if you aren’t already.  It’s a good deal.

Am I missing something?  I could keep going and going, but I made myself stop!  When I see a movie that we’ve watched or a new one I come back here to see if it’s on the list.  Let me know if there is one I need to add.

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