Over 75 of the Best Movies for Tweens that you can enjoy too!

Tweens are at such a weird age and finding movies for tweens that are appropriate can be tough.  However, there are a lot of timeless movies and movies made today that are great for both you and your tween and you both can enjoy them

I am so excited for summer!! I love later bedtimes and sleeping in and that there’s no baseball, soccer, football, and lacrosse practice. It’s so nice to be unscheduled and can just chill!  

I love finding movies for tweens to show my 2 boys who are 11 and 13.   I love to see their faces when a good story comes on and not just a silly cartoon.

Now that my kids are getting older, movie night is much more fun! We love watching movies and we’re always streaming TV shows.

I’ve recently starting updating the DVD’s in my car to more age appropriate movies- out with the cartoons and in with some live action!

I tried to come up with some movies both girls and boys would like.  My daughter is 9 so I had a harder time with those and tried to think back at the movies I liked! 🙂

Does your family like having movie night? Here are some great movies for tweens that you will enjoy too. Grab the popcorn!

We took a break from movies for a couple of weeks and streamed Stranger Things.  Both my boys loved this show and recommend it to your family.  We can’t wait for season 3!

Before you get to the list, I want you to see our new favorite movie popcorn!  It’s so good.  We’ve been having it all summer. It’s honey cinnamon and so EASY!  It’s a nice change from regular popcorn and perfect if you have a sweet tooth.

I also have a candied popcorn recipe that’s just as delicious!

Don't just have plain old popcorn. This EASY cinnamon honey popcorn is great for an afternoon snack or perfect for movie night.

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OVER 75 of the BEST Movies for Tweens

Here are some of the movies that are in my queue to watch this summer!

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Does your family like having movie night? Here are some great movies for tweens that you will enjoy too. Grab the popcorn!

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You can get a lot of these movies on Amazon Prime too!  Consider signing up to get movies, if you aren’t already.  It’s a good deal.

Am I missing something?  I could keep going and going, but I made myself stop!  When I see a movie that we’ve watched or a new one I come back here to see if it’s on the list.  Let me know if there is one I need to add.

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8 Responses

  1. Tracy Robertson says:

    I wanted to visit DVD.com and check it out, but I hate sites that want you to register before they will even let you look around. No thanks!

  2. Anne Queen says:

    Please include the movie Big with Tom Hanks.

  3. Aimee says:

    Mission Impossible

  4. Nova says:

    You should add the new power rangers movie, my 11 year old daughter loved it so much. It’s a great movie for tweens.

  5. Stacey says:


  6. Sandy says:

    Your kids might like War Horse. I’m giving it to my 10-year-old grandson.

  7. rh says:

    billy elliot!

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