15+ Things All Moms Need in Their Car

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I have three kids ages 6, 9, and 11.  I’ve learned what the most important things are to keep in my car to make my life a little easier.  I previously was not very organized and would just run out of the house.  It made me aggravated and stressed out.

 I was always forgetting things and wasting time and money buying  things we repeatedly used.  I grabbed a bag and loaded those items in my car and decided just to leave them there because I never wanted to be in a situation where I needed them.  Especially when we have have a mess that needs a fast and easy clean up.  Here are 15 things all moms need in their car!

15 Things All Moms Need in Their Trunk

15 Things All Moms Need in Their Car

  • Umbrella Most the time rain isn’t an issue, but you don’t want to be caught without an umbrella at a game.  We just needed it for the 4th of July when it started to rain during the fireworks.
  • Towel  Having an old towel is very useful.  You never know when someone’s going to spill a water, have muddy shoes, or need a wet slide wiped clean.
  • Flip flops Don’t ask!  It’s amazing how many times my kids have forgotten their shoes when we run out.  I keep a cheap pair for all of them in the back.
  • Extra shirt (or outfits) It never fails that someone drops pizza all over their shirt or uses it to wipe their chocolatey hands off.  It’s nice to have a back up in case we still have things to do and don’t have time to run home to change.
  • No-Itch Lotion  We’ve been stung a few times by ants and bees.  This is great to have for quick pain and itch relief.  There are several times I had to run back to the car and grab it when we were at the park or ball field.
  • Small Toys My daughter loves little dolls and knick knack toys.  I keep them all in a little bag for you to play with.
  • Ball If we go anywhere, my boys are always pulling out the soccer ball we keep in the car and kicking it around.  We also carry around an old tennis ball.
  • Cooler Bag  There are so many times I was out in town and needed milk or cheese, but to run my errands I would have to backtrack so I just started carrying a bag so I could run my errands faster.
  • Chair  You never know where you’ll end up and you need a place to sit; the park, friends backyard, pool, or ball game.
  • Water  Keep a few bottles in the car for emergencies.  We may run by the park or be out longer than expected.  The water’s hot, but if the kids are thirsty they’ll drink it until we get home.
  • Snacks Same with snacks.  Sometimes we may be at the doctor or getting the oil changed longer than expected.  It’s always nice to be able to grab something quick.  Here’s a great idea that I’ve been doing lately!
  • Sunscreen/Bug Spray  There are several times where we’ve run to of the house so fast and forgotten to apply sunscreen.  I always keep extra, just in case.
  • First aid kit  I don’t have to give any examples of this, do I?  I have 2 boys!
  • Hair Ties These are the best to have when it’s hot out.  You always need some of these.  I just put them on my gear shifter where I can grab the quickly.
  • Phone Charger  I always keep a charger in my car and automatically plug it in when I’m driving.  That way I know it won’t run down while I’m out.
  • Hand Sanitizer  The first thing I do after getting gas, going to the ATM, or grocery shopping is get a squirt.
  • Wet-Naps® These are a must if you have kids.  We can’t go anywhere with a messy incident.  We were eating pizza at the neighborhood pool last night and I had to run out to the car and grab them because we all had messy hands.  They were so quick and easy to use and they were back to playing before we knew it.  You know boys, the faster the better.

15 Things All Moms Need in Their Trunk

Wet-Naps® are safe on faces and hands.  They are also moisturizing which is perfect for me because I have dry skin. I normally purchase mine at Walmart when I do my normal grocery shopping. How many times have you had an ice cream cone melt and become a huge mess?  Well,  that happens to me x3 everytime we go to the ice cream store.  

This photo is what the inside of my car looks like.  I can grab a wipe and throw it back to one of the kids when needed.  We literally don’t leave home without them!  They make cleaning up really easy.

15 Things All Moms Need in Their Trunk

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Wet-Nap®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #ConquerTheMess http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

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12 Responses

  1. Great list! looks a little like the box of stuff I kept in the car just for me. I will be sure to keep this around when my day comes

  2. Becky Meng says:

    A great list, Holly and I like that you have it all corralled in a bag. Genius! By the way, I LOVE wet naps.

  3. Adreanna says:

    Love this! I do the same thing. Especially with little kids. It makes me feel like Super Mom when i’m prepared for anything!

  4. chellie says:

    Yes! I can relate to so many of these things. Some I already do, and you’ve got some great ones for me to add on.

  5. Hillary Cole says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the flip flop idea! Once I made it all the way to the mall and realized I forgot to put shoes on my squirmy 2 year old! It was a long trip and we ended up buying a pair of shoes there!

  6. Mindy Scott says:

    I keep saying I’m going to do this, thanks for the list of items. Helps a lot! Love that you have everything in a thirty-one tote! Never knew how useful & universal there totes were till I started selling them & using them all the time!

    • Holly says:

      I love that bag. It’s big and holds everything.

  7. Leigh says:

    This is a great idea! I keep a lot of the items you suggested in the car, but there are a few I’m going to add. I love the way you keep them stored in the tote. Going to put mine together right now! Thanks!

  8. Awesome list!
    We have just about all of that rolling around our car — I need to organize it all again. The one thing I need to buy is a phone charger to leave in the car. Several times now I’ve been out with the kids and realized the phone was almost dead. In an emergency I want that phone to work.

  9. Stacy says:

    Great minds think a like! Having young children we have to be prepared. Your list is great and I have most of these items in my truck as well. Due to the lack of space I keep all my items in two baskets under the back seat along with an overnight bag just in case. I also keep paper plates, roll of paper towels, utensils, plastic cups (from Olive Garden or Cotton Patch) with the lids and straws on hand, too because we travel a lot during the summer. And I always have hand wipes. It’s the most used item. Keeping plastic grocery bags on hand is also great for trash, wet clothes, dirty shoes and the list goes on….

  10. Kati says:

    Great list!! The only thing I wouldn’t keep in the car for a long period of time is bottled water. The plastic being in heat for long periods of time has been known to contain carcinogens. Other than that, everything else is great!

  11. Kristopher says:

    Awesome post thank you for sharing

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