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The trick to happy kids while you’re out of the house

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Who hasn’t been out with their kids and they are having a meltdown?  I have three kids and all are busy with sports, practices, and activities.  There comes a time where at least one is unhappy.  I found a trick that keeps everyone in a good mood (usually) and happy!  It’s easy and you’ll want to do it as soon as you read this!

Who hasn't been out of the house and one of your kids have a MAJOR meltdown? Here's a simple trick to keep your kids happy while you're out and about.

The trick to happy kids while you’re out of the house

This past weekend we rushed off to a couple of lacrosse games.  It was the afternoon and after a full lunch.  We had 2 games in a row and I figured we’d be gone about 3 hours.  I ran back in the house to grab some snacks   I’m glad I did!  I keep a bag packed with food in my pantry.  If I EVEN think we’ll be gone close to meals, snack time, or over a couple of hours, I grab the bag.  This has come in handy EVERY weekend and it’s a huge TIME and MONEY saver.  Here are some things I keep in it.

  • raisins
  • beef jerky
  • Twizzlers
  • granola bars
  • honey buns
  • crackers
  • little waters
  • sunflower seeds
  • peanuts

If we’re gone for longer times I add in some fruit and sandwiches.  I love that it’s already packed and I can throw it in the car without adding any time before we leave.  I’m usually making sure everyone has all their gear and correct uniform.  It’s no fun to drive an hour to a lacrosse game and realize we’ve forgotten cleats!  Been there, done that!

I also keep things besides food to help my sanity.

  • wet wipes
  • sunscreen
  • pencils
  • tea bags (It’s nice when it’s cold out and I can have a hot cup of tea.)

Here are a couple of bags that would be perfect for this!  I love this one.

Here’s one that’s a little larger. I love the pockets for sunscreen and smaller snacks.

So, go pack up your bag right now.  What are some of your must haves that you can’t leave the house without?

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