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Does your family like to camp? Here's a great camp packing hack that will save you tons of time so you can take those last minute trips!

Time Saving Camping Packing Hack

I’ve been talking with some friends about going camping for a few months, but we never put anything in stone and were kind of wishy washy. Well, we decided to go this weekend.

Is your office a mess? I save my office spring cleaning until the end. Here are some great office organization tips.

Office Organization Tips

I’ve been in the spring cleaning mode all winter. I live in NC and it has been so warm here I started earlier than I normally do. I’ve organized my kitchen cabinets, the kid’s clothes, my closet, and cleaned out my laundry room.

You think your house is clean, but most people forget some things. Here are 50 places that most people forget to clean. Not anymore!

50 Places People Forget to Clean

Everyone remembers to clean the toilets and sweep the floors, but there are a ton of places you should be cleaning and probably forget. Most don’t take long and should be added to your cleaning routine.

It's that time of year again, spring cleaning! Here are some great tips for people that don't like to clean to get you motivated!

Spring cleaning tips for people that don’t like to clean

It’s that time again! Time to start spring cleaning!  Getting organized after a long winter is so satisfying!  There are two groups of people.  There are the ones that like to clean and others that...

Here's a quick guide on how to make a 48 hour emergency bin in case you have to leave your house quickly because of a natural disaster.

How to make a 48 hour emergency bin

I made an emergency bin for my family about 8 years ago. I was visiting my mom in Tennessee and there were a ton of tornados while we were there. Many people were displaced from their homes and trees were down everywhere.

prAna Kara Jean- Christmas is coming and here's a great coupon code you can use for 15% off your clothing order from prAna!

prAna Coupon- Save 15%

When prAna contacted me and offered me a coupon code for my readers I couldn’t pass it up! I love prAna clothes and already owned several pieces from them. I knew it was a win-win!

It's the time of year to get creative! Try doing your own glass etching for a super cute DIY decoration for any time of the year.

Inexpensive DIY Glass Etching For Fall

About this time of year I feel like I have a little more time. Football and soccer are ending. I’ve caught up on all the projects that I put off over the summer.

Free 2017 Calendar

FREE 2017 Calendar for you to print

I needed a calendar earlier this year so I just decided to make one for myself. I put it up on here and people really liked it and started printing them off, so I decided to go ahead and get on top of things and get 2017 done.

Rubbermaid bin with torn up pieces of newspapers.

How to make a compost bin in under 15 minutes.

Our house was bombarded with so many flies a few years ago. We thought it may be our homemade compost bin, so we dumped it in our garden and hoped the flies would go away.

Back to School Cleaning

Top 10 Back to School Cleaning List

I sat down and looked around this week and realized my house is a wreck. The kids, being home all summer, have destroyed it. There is dirt in places I never imagined.