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How to Reduce Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Are you looking at how to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms? Here are some GREAT tips for things you can do around the house.

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Allergy season is right around the corner.  I have had bad seasonal allergies, asthma and food allergies my whole life and my oldest son has seasonal allergies.  Last year he had a really tough time.  I was giving him a daily pill and nasal spray to help, but he still couldn’t get over the stuffy nose, sneezing, and watery eyes.  (This is a great deal on a years worth of pills!)

He was miserable. I  made a few simple changes that, almost immediately, helped reduce allergy symptoms. This is not medical advice, but just what has worked for me and my family.

girl with long hair with mom holding a tissue so she can blow her nose

Ways to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

It seems like when your body is already suffering from allergies when the pollen counts gets high, any little thing can trigger a sneeze or watery eyes and make things worse. The items listed below helps decrease some of those allergy triggers.

Shower EVERY night

I implemented a new rule. He MUST shower every night. After playing outside, the pollen would be all over his body. He would get into bed and lay all over a pillow with pollen from his hair.

Switch to allergy air filters

I splurged and got the allergy air filters (make sure to buy the sizes you need).  I normally don’t use those because they are so expensive, but during spring I made the switch. When it was time to switch, after 3 months, I went back to the normal ones.

There are also is a true HEPA filter that helps reduce allergens, but have not used those.

I’ve also heard of people changing out to the cheap air filters, but do it once a month. I know those allergy ones make the air conditioner work harder and cost more money.

boy in field with a bunch of yellow wild flowers sneezing with his eyes closed

Use an allergy-free laundry detergent

I made the easy switch of laundry detergent.  I normally use Tide and just switched to the Free & Gentle Tide.  It has no dyes or perfumes.  Most laundry detergents have a version of this.

I also don’t use a fabric softener, like Bounce. It does make clothes smell nice, but it can irritate your already fragile system.

Buy pillow and mattress allergy covers

I bought allergy-resistant pillow covers and a mattress cover.  This is not cheap, but it does help. I thought that he could be allergic to dust in his bed and all the allergies outside were just too much for him to take.

Change out soap and shampoo

I researched shampoo. My son was always sneezing after a shower.  I found a brand called Free and Clear.  It has no fragrance and is for sensitive skin. It’s more expensive than the shampoo I would normally buy for my children; however, he’s the only one that uses it so it lasts a while. I’ve also found it at Walgreens.

Don’t forget about body wash or soap. Some of those smell really strong. I normally buy the white Dove bar soap.

I could tell a difference almost instantly after doing these things.  He is a much happier kid.  If someone in your house has allergies, think about trying some of these allergy relief measures.


Wednesday 2nd of March 2016

I like the idea of trying a new laundry detergent - although I love the one I use now. If it helps to alleviate some of the symptoms during those rough times of the year for my family, I am willing to try it.