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30+ Great Gifts for Tween Girls

Finding gifts for tween girls can be challenging. Here’s a great list to make your shopping easier. Your girls are sure to love them.

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Raising tweens is a challenge!  I have two in my house and it can get very dramatic at times.  I think I would go back to the toddler years if I could to avoid it sometimes, but it’s really about changing how you interact with and treat your child that leads to a better relationship and allows the fun times to easily happen.  

One big challenge of the tween years is finding gifts that your child will enjoy and use.  If you are like me, you hate to spend money on something and then just watch it sit on a shelf or the floor.   I love gift guides because I can get some new ideas about what kids may want and may even find a unique gift that others don’t have.

My daughter just turned 12 and I’m already stressing over what to get her this holiday season.  Here are some cool gift ideas for tween girls I’ve come up with from talking to her and to some of my friends that have more experience with the tween girl scene.

variety of gifts for a tween girl

Before we get to the list, here are some of my popular posts that are for tweens. I’m sure you’ll find some useful information in those too!

Gifts for Tween Girls


Most tweens probably already have some sort of music player.  My daughter uses her iPad because, in our family, we don’t allow smartphones until they are 13 years old.  

At some point, we all get tired of listing to their music all the time, so they need headphones for our peace of mind too!  Of course, they want Beats, but my daughter has these instead and loves them.  With the price, I don’t have to worry about her breaking or losing them!

Hair Chalk

This has been our go-to gift this year for every birthday! It’s the perfect gift for tweens and teens. They can go to school with their hair in different colors every day!

Water Speakers

We got these for my daughter last year and she loves them!  When she has friends over, it is always a party in her room. Bluetooth speakers are always a hit!


What girl doesn’t love jewelry?  No need to spend a ton of money when they will probably lose them.  My daughter would rather have 10 pairs of cheap earrings than one pair of expensive ones. We recently started an earring subscription box called Earfleek. You get a pair of earrings delivered to you once a month. She loves it!

Toiletry Case

Whether it is a case for make-up or a small pouch for personal hygiene items, these are sure to be a hit with the tween girls. My daughter has recently discovered Bath and Body Works and has a little basket she carries around with all her beauty products because she has so many!


With all the time these girls spend on their hair, they can’t chance going out in the rain and to get the least little bit wet.  Here is a cute one that is sure to please.

Waterproof Digital Camera

My daughter loves to take pictures.  She can’t snap selfies and pics of friends on a phone, because once again, we don’t do smartphones until the age of 13, so I am going to get her this camera this year.  I like that it is waterproof and she can easily transfer her pictures to the computer. Another alternative is the Polaroid Snap which produces instant pictures.  (And they think this is cool new technology!)

Art Set

My daughter loves to sit and doodle while listening to her music.  This is the set that she likes the best. It gives her hours of fun!

New Bedding

Such an easy way to give a room a new look.  My daughter loved getting this set for her birthday this year. Home decor is a way tweens can start to show their own style.

Books about their bodies

There are so many good books that help explain what tween girls are going through.  You can read them together, or they can read them on their own.  Sometimes girls don’t feel comfortable asking questions so a book like this can help!

Of course, it isn’t always about useful and practical with these tween girls.  Sometimes they just have to have the cute or popular items that everyone is asking for.  Here are a few gifts that fall in the just-for-fun category.

American Girls Dolls

My daughter is obsessed with getting these dolls and although they do fit into the sit on the shelf category at my house, they really are great quality dolls.  The doll of the year this year, is Gabriela.  She is beautiful!  They even have a boy doll now!  

Kindle Paperwhite

If you have a reader, then this is a FANTASTIC gift. I love being able to buy an ebook and start reading immediately instead of waiting for a book to arrive. These last forever too.


Remember these shoes that were popular? My daughter recently found out about these and she has been loving them. I don’t allow her to wear them to school, but they are so fun when we are out at a football game or shopping. Several of her friends have gotten them too.

If you don’t know what they are, they are shoes with a wheel in the heel and they can skate around with them.

gray heely shoe

Bath Bombs

These are great for girls of all ages and have lots of fun in the bath! These bath bomb kits are great so you can make your own too! The set includes everything you need to make your own bombs.

Tsum Tsums

I’m sure my tween isn’t the only one out there that loves these cute little characters.  They are sold by themselves or in sets and it is hard not to get duplicates, but it’s ok if you do because the girls love to trade them! They even come in plush versions which is always a hit at my house.

Science Kits

Do you have a kid who loves science? These kits are great because they’re made just for girls. You have several to choose from and it’s perfect for an activity to do together. They’ll walk you through, step by step. Even teen girls will like this.

Fitness Tracker

If your tween is into health and fitness, these inexpensive fitness trackers are great. My daughter loves hers and wears it all the time. You can sync it to an app on your phone to keep track of fitness goals.

2 fitness tracker watches

Beanie Boos

Speaking of plush above, these little creatures with big eyes seem to multiply at my house.  They are great for giving as birthday gifts, especially for the younger tweens.  There are so many out there to choose from and you can buy them practically everywhere.

Face Wash Brush

When your daughter is a tween, it’s the perfect time to teach taking care of your skin and this electric face washer is great. I use one and my daughter loves hers. There are a bunch of different kinds but this Olay Regenerist is easy to use and inexpensive and you can find it in most stores.

Bean Bag

This is such a fun item for girls to have in their rooms to make them comfier.

Keyboard Cover

laptop with keyboard cover

Little Refrigerator

I just bought this for Christmas and have it hidden. Make sure to fill it up with her favorite drinks!

Lava Lamp

Does this ever go out of style?

Water Bottle

Yes- Water bottles are always popular and kids love to personalize them with stickers.

Echo Dot

My daughter loves her dot and is always checking the weather before school, playing her favorite songs and even asking simple math problems.


This carry-on suitcase is great. We don’t travel on airplanes much but this hard shell suitcase is great for visiting family and sleepovers. It will last a long time.

Disco Ball Lamp

disco ball lamp

Microphone and Stand

We have this exact one and all my kids play with it. Karaoke microphones are so fun and can keep kids entertained for hours.

Harry Potter Merch

Do you know a Harry Potter fan? There is so much merchandise for them. You can even get wand makeup applicator brushes! These illustrated books are great!

Chicken Foot

My kids love playing this with their Grandma.

Emoji Chia Pet

emoji chia pet

I hope you have gotten some practical and useful ideas from this list and hopefully a few fun ones too!