Jobs for Teens and Tweens with No Car

Teens and Tweens need money! Even before they have the expense of a car, they have things they want to buy or places they want to go.  Even if it is just a few dollars that they need, it can add up quickly, especially if you have several in this age group.  For my son, who is 13, it is money to stay after school for a ballgame, snacks at the game, and clothes, clothes, clothes.  For my daughter, who is 11, it is beanie boos, candy, and books.

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Jobs for Teens and Tweens with No Car

Last summer, my daughter wanted to start a business.  My husband and I played along and helped her decide what she wanted to do, helped her make fliers, and walked with her to put them in the mailbox circles in our neighborhood.  She decided on a dog walking business and her original prices were outrageous!  Since she is in the younger part of the tween age group, she needed a ton of guidance to get things rolling.

We put out over 100 fliers and she only got a response from one person.  She was devastated at first, but she quickly realized that one client was all she needed to keep her busy and keep her income pouring in!  She currently takes care of just one neighbor’s dogs everyday after school and makes $15 a week.  For her age that is perfect.  She even occasionally takes care of them all weekend when they go out of town for $30 which makes her super rich.

My son and some of his friends are also doing odd jobs around the neighborhood to make money here and there.  They all love being able to reach into their own wallets when mom and dad say no to buying something that they can afford themselves!

Here are some ideas that your non-driving teens and tweens can look into to earn a little extra cash:

  • Dog Walking/Pet Sitting
  • Picking up Dog Poop
  • Babysitting (at your house if supervision is needed)
  • Mowing Yards and Raking Leaves
  • Planting and Watering Flowers
  • Reading to an Elderly Neighbor
  • Taking Neighbors’ Garbage Cans to the Curb/Returning Them (This one is super popular on our street!)
  • Helping a Younger Neighbor with Homework

Does your kid want to get a job? Here's a great list of jobs for teens and tweens with no car to earn a few extra dollars for their wallet.

Don’t forget, depending on the age of your child, he or she may need help getting the business off the ground.  It is totally worth the effort you may have to put in at first to see them succeed and also not to have to pull out your own cash each time they need something!

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