Outside Summer Toys for under $10

Summer is right around the corner and I love being outside.  I try and get my kids to play outside, run and get their energy out.  After awhile they get bored with the same old toys.  Sometimes it’s a good idea to get some new ones to make things exciting again.

 Here are some summer toys to keep your kids busy for under $10.  What I love about this, is that they are all OUTSIDE summer toys!  Sometimes you just need a break and a quiet house! 🙂

Here are some fun outside summer toys for your kids without spending a fortune! They're all under $10 and will keep your kids busy.

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Summer Toys for under $10

Bubble Gun  These are so fun!  My daughter loves these.  I have them for all my children and they think it’s so fun.

Popsicle molds  These are so great!  My kids could eat popsicles all day.  You can pick out different molds and make your own flavors.  Many times I just use apple juice and even water it down.  They just like something cold on a hot day.

Self Catching Paddle and Balls  These are a lot of fun and these are perfect for younger kids.

Rocket Balloons  They are so much fun.  My kids can spend hours doing these.

Sidewalk Chalk  Most people already have sidewalk chalk but do you need to replenish your stash?  Are the pieces broken or small?  Getting a new box will renew their interest and I’m sure you will have new, beautiful drawings all over your driveway.

Water Balloons  Once your kids are old enough to fill them up on their own, this can keep them occupied for a long time.  Filling up the balloons for a fight can take hours.  Here are the Instant ones that you can fill up 100 in just a few minutes.

Water Balloon Launcher

UFO Flying Ball with Remote

Rebound Ball  This is a great toy for all the sporty kids out there.


Nerf Gun– My boys can spend hours with their friends having “wars”!

Giant Bubble Maker Kit–  These bubble wands are really cool too (and under $10)!

Slap Rockets

Bonus:  I have to add on all these different fidget spinners, fidget cubes, and fidget toys (There are some cool ones on this link)! 

Have a good summer!

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