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Free Summer Reading Log Printable with Summer Reading Tips

It’s that time again, SUMMER READING! Here are a few cute summer reading logs so your child can keep up with their summer reading challenge.

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The school year is over, we’re headed into the summer months and it’s time to get new summer routines.

My daughter read 100 books last summer and has a goal of 100 books this summer. I thought I would share the daily reading log she uses so you could print it out too. My 7-year-old loves creating summer reading goals.

She loves being able to see the progress she’s making and it often encourages her to “read one more” because she can get to the bottom faster. She loves a book challenge.

Early readers, younger kids and even struggling readers may need a push to start a reading habit so read below to get some good tips to increase the number of minutes your kids read over the summer.

It's that time again…SUMMER READING! Here's a a couple of cute printable reading logs so your child and keep track of what they're reading this summer.

Summer Reading Tips

Reading is so important during the summer. It helps so kids don’t get the summer slide. Encourage your kids to put down phones, video games and other electronics and spend a few minutes every day picking up a good book.

  • Joining a summer reading program at your local public library is a great way to get the summer started. The children’s librarian can give you great book ideas and te reading level you are looking for.
  • Set a reading goal for your child to read a certain number of books or a certain amount of time each day.
  • Make it fun by printing out one of the free printable reading logs at the bottom of this post.
  • Let your kids read what they want to read. Any reading is good reading. They can read new books or reread some of their favorite books.
  • Make it a challenge with a reward system with fun incentives. If they reach their goal, then go out for ice cream, camping in the backyard, or they get a new Lego set. Sometimes a little motivation is needed.
  • Create a reading nook: Create a cozy corner with books, pillows, and blankets to create an inviting reading space.
  • Kids just don’t have to read books- Comic books and magazines are perfect too. Sports Illustrated is fun for any kid interested in sports. You can also get these from the library for free.
  • Discuss what they are reading with you or siblings to promote comprehension and engagement.
  • Read books that are movies too. Read the book, then watch the movie and compare the two.
  • Read books that are a part of a series. If they love a book, it’s a good way to keep going.

Here’s a great article on How to Stop the Summer Slide with lots of fun ideas.

It's that time again…SUMMER READING! Here's a a couple of cute printable reading logs so your child and keep track of what they're reading this summer.

Free Summer Reading Logs

I decided to make a few reading logs for my kids to keep track of everything they read and wanted to make them available to you too. There are four different ones below so make sure to scroll all the way down. It’s perfect o write the title of the book and even the number of pages.

I store all my free printables on Dropbox so I can give you a higher quality image without slowing down my site. You don’t need to have an account. Just click over and you can save it to your computer and print it out.

If you’re having any trouble, just let me know and I’ll get you going.

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Printable Summer Reading Logs