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Free Printable Stop Sign for Door

Who else needs this printable stop sign?  Just print it out and tape to your front door so the neighborhood kids know that YOUR kids can’t play.

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My kids and I LOVE summer. They love being able to stay out later, sleep in, lie around in PJ’s, binge watch Netflix and making a big breakfast.

We live in a neighborhood full of kids and friends and they all love to play.  I don’t love when the doorbell rings at 8:30 in the morning and my kids are still in bed!  It’s so frustrating!  

I like having a little quiet time in the afternoon and have some reading time set aside.  It’s not fun when the doorbell rings and disrupts us.  I can never get them back on track because they are anxious to get outside.

a picture of a stop sign

Free Printable Stop Sign for Door

Last year I wrote out a sign that said, “We can’t play.” and I hung it outside on our door at the times I didn’t want to be disturbed.  However… there are a few kids that couldn’t read and would still ring our doorbell. However, all kids know a few traffic signs and the stop sign everyone knows.

I decided to make a stop sign on the computer so all kids, no matter their age, knew not to ring our bell.

Update: This is great during the time of social distancing and more supervised play. It’s also nice to put out when my kids are ding virtual school

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Stop sign to print

I made this stop sign so you can keep the words or you can cut them out if you need the stop sign for something else. You could use it to put on the dog food or any place you don’t want the kids getting into. I wanted to make it versatile for any situation because I know you don’t want to waste your precious time searching the Internet for things like this. My job is to make your life easier, not harder.

It’s easy to print out.  Just follow these directions.  Click here or on the image below. It will take you to Dropbox so you can download the image to your computer to save or print.

I have my printables stored there so I can give out a higher quality image without slowing my website down. Please let me know if you have any issues and I’ll get you going! You don’t need an account to use Dropbox so everyone should be able to get it.

I also don’t collect your emails to download my printables so make sure to look at some of my others. My calendars are always popular. Just search in the menu bar.

Here's a printable stop sign you can print out and tape to your door to let the neighborhood kids that YOUR kids can't play.