Awesome Lacrosse Gifts for Boys

Do you have a lacrosse player in your life? Here are some awesome lacrosse gifts for boys that are perfect!

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Can you tell I’ve been Christmas shopping?  A baseball gift guide and now on to lacrosse gifts. I have to say that I’ve found some much more interesting items for lacrosse!  

Birthdays and Christmas is a great time to get new equipment kids may need, but it’s also a time to get some fun things too.  Many things on this list I’ve bought for my son and some I know he would love.  

We live in North Carolina and it’s not very popular where I live (yet) so it’s fun too get him some cool stuff that no one else will have.

Do you have a lacrosse lover in your house? Here are some awesome lacrosse gifts for boys I know they will love.

Awesome Lacrosse Gifts for Boys

Night Lacrosse LED- 2 pack–  These are the coolest things EVER!   The ball and the sticks contain LED lights so you can play at night.  Perfect for the winter months or at the beach in the summer.  We got this as a Christmas gift last year and so fun to play with!

Here’s a video.

More Lacrosse Gifts

  • Books- These are great for elementary aged kids.

I hope you found some awesome lacrosse gifts here.  You can check out this gift guide for tween boys too!

Gifts for Tween Boys

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