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Baseball Gifts for Kids who Love Baseball

Here are some great baseball gifts for players that are perfect for Christmas or birthdays. No need to look anywhere else!

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I just saw an article that said over 25 million kids play youth baseball and softball. That’s a lot of kids! Even if you don’t have a kid that plays, you may have a baseball fan! You definitely can find the perfect gift on this list!

I have a son that loves baseball. Buying him something baseball related is the perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift because I know he will love it.  It’s the perfect time to stock up on equipment or just some fun stuff to have.

It can be overwhelming to go to a sporting goods store and see aisle after aisle of gear. This list will make your life much easier! Many of the gifts are from Amazon because most of you have Amazon Prime and who doesn’t love the quick and free delivery?

Before I get to these gift ideas, I do have a few more gift guides that are popular.  See if one of these will help you find what you’re looking for.

If your team is going to Cooperstown you’ll want to read these!

Baseball is America’s pasttime and you’ll find some great baseball gifts for your baseball lover listed below.

Baseball Gifts for Kids who Love Baseball

Baseball Cards and Binder

This is a fun hobby that kids can do that’s inexpensive to start. They can collect players from their favorite MLB team.

New baseball bat or a baseball glove

Chair and Ottoman

This is kind of expensive, but really cute if you have room! It’s a great gift idea if your son has a baseball themed room.

baseball glove chair and baseball ottoman

Game Controller Wrap

We have a wrap similar to this and my boys love them.  They never fight over the controllers because they know which one is theirs. It’s a great stocking stuffer too. Make sure to buy the one for the game system you have.

skin to put on a video game controller that looks like a baseball

Sheets for their bed


Pitching Machine

Home Plate Baseball Display Case

This is a great way to display all those home runs that your son is hitting!

Baseball Lamp

This lamp is a great gift for baseball room decor. I bought a similar one as a gift that was Pokemon themed and it looked really cool.

Green neon baseball night light

Gym Bag

Baseball Night Light

baseball night lights

Speed Gun

If you have an older child who pitches, a speed gun could be fun. Even if they don’t pitch, it’s still fun to play around with. It’s a great way to encourage arm strength.

Under Armour Tee

orange under armour baseball tee

Baseball Hat Holder

I think every baseball player should have one of these!  This is a great over the door one that we have. You can add it to the inside or outside of your door. I know some kids like to display all their hats.

Baseball Trivia Calendar

This is a nice little calendar (at a good price) that can teach kids a little history about baseball.

Medal Holder

I’ve bought three custom medal holders from this Etsy shop and I highly recommend them. They are great to display all the medals won at tournaments. You can choose the color and whatever saying you want.

Here are the sayings I got on my medal holders to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Always Earned, Never Given
  • Champions are not born, they are made
  • Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing
grey medal holder


This is a great gift for a baseball player. They shouldn’t have to take it off for a game! Here’s a personalized baseball necklace that’s a little larger. These are perfect for Christmas gifts and even a first communion gift.


Field of DreamsAngels in the Outfield, Rookie of the Year, Sandlot, Million Dollar Arm, 42, The Rookie


Hit & MissChangeup (My son loves these Derek Jeter books.)

Bat Bag

This is the bat bag my son has and it’s held up well.  I really like it.  The helmet is clipped on in the back so the backpack part has lots of room for gloves, water bottles, etc.

Batting Helmet

Custom Baseballs

This is another great gift from Etsy. If you are looking for a baseball team gift, then this is a good one. Each player gets a personalized ball. It’s perfect for a personal baseball coach gift too.

custom baseball

Reaction Ball

We have this and it’s AWESOME! It’s great for infield training.

orange reaction ball for baseball

Crew Socks

These are cool baseball socks for off the field.

Pitch Back


Did you know that there are sunglasses made specifically for baseball players? The lens is special to help track the ball. Who knew?

Batting Gloves

I don’t know about you, but kids always need batting gloves. They get holes and one always seems to go missing.

blue, white and black batting gloves

Bat Weight

My son bought one of these with his own money when we went to a baseball tournament at the beach! It’s lightweight and a great baseball player gift.

Hope I gave you some good ideas and you found a great gift!

PS.  Don’t forget about the baseball mom!  I just found this battery heated blanket that’s perfect for cold games.

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