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Things to do in Cooperstown, NY

While your child is staying at Cooperstown Dreams Park, make sure to check out some other things to do in Cooperstown, NY.

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If you’re reading this, then you are headed to Cooperstown, NY and probably to Cooperstown Dreams Park. The week is so fun and you are going to have a blast!

Yes, you’ll be at the ballfields a lot, but you’ll also have some down time and maybe even some rain delays. There are lots of things to do in those times to keep you busy!

While your child is staying at Cooperstown Dreams Park, make sure to check out some other things to do in Cooperstown, NY.

Things to do in Cooperstown

Here are a few places to add to your list beside the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Where It All Began Bat Company

This is where we got my son’s homerun ball engraved. It looks so good too. I don’t want to put a picture on here because it has his name on it (and I don’t want that on the Internet). There are pictures if you Google- Where It All Began Bat Company.

It cost $15. I dropped it off and came back the next day to pick it up. You can also buy the engraved bats here, but we didn’t didn’t purchase that. It’s located right on Main Street.


I had heard of Baseballism before and followed them on Facebook. The store is so awesome. Their products are so cute and are good quality.

Make sure to stock up on on shirts. They are a little more expensive, but I have had so many good comments on them. Baseballism also has posters and other accessories.

If you’re a team mom, call ahead and schedule a group tour for your team. We didn’t do this so not sure of what you can expect, but saw tours going on while we were there.

Ommegang Brewery

I’m still thinking about the food I ate here! It was so good! Everyone in our group loved going here, even if they didn’t drink beer. Make sure to get the Brewer’s Board appetizer!

They also have a little shop so you can take home a souvenir.

While your child is staying at Cooperstown Dreams Park, make sure to check out some other things to do in Cooperstown, NY.

Barnyard Swing Mini Golf

Here’s a great place to relax and have fun with your other kids between games. It’s right outside the park. You can’t miss it.

We loaded up a carload of siblings and players and had a fun time away from the ballpark.

Clark Sports Center

This is a huge gym and perfect for siblings when they need a break from baseball. It’s perfect for an entire day of just a few hours.

They have a variety of activities. You can get more info on their website.

They also have an indoor track and fitness facility for the adults.

Double Day Field

This was my very favorite place in all of Cooperstown.  I went for a visit with just my daughter, who was 7.   Only a few other families were there and I just walked around and imagined all the history and games that had been there and thought about all the famous players that had played on that very field for over 75 years.  

Make sure you watch A League of Their Own before you go.  The last scene in the movie takes play on Double Day Field.  My daughter had watched the movie and knew exactly what that field meant to the ladies in the movie.

Make sure to check out my Cooperstown Dreams Park Player packing list on a budget!

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