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Where can I get free ebooks?

I am addicted to books and I’m sure my husband would say I hoard them.   He’s probably right!  I have had a hard time making the switch to reading on a tablet because there is just something about holding a book in your hand and flipping the pages, being able to physically see the progress you are making.  But, they take up so much space!  He had me asking, “Where can I get free ebooks.”

Books are stashed all over the house and we even have a book closet upstairs that’s devoted to children’s books. There are piles of books that don’t even fit in there.  

We have multiple book shelves in other areas of the house and they’re crammed full.   Even so, I just have to have more and more books!

Don't you just love free things? Keep the clutter down and save some money. Use this list where you can get free ebooks online. #ebooks #ereader #freebooks #freeonlinebooks #wherecanIfindfreeebooks #Reading #BookLover

Where can I get free ebooks?

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After Christmas, I decided to use some money I received and dive into the world of the Kindle Fire.  I’d gotten a Kobo reader a few years back for my birthday and loved it while it was new, but it became outdated and I starting having trouble with the software on the computer.  

It was a huge challenge to get new books unless you were buying them straight from the Kobo website, but people are saying good things about the Kindle Fire so I thought maybe that would be a better match for me.  

I went ahead and got the Fire 7 HDX with the biggest storage capacity in hopes that it wouldn’t be outdated before it even arrived, which I absolutely love it and now able to hoard ebooks.

I probably get 1-2 free books a day on my Fire and unfortunately, it hasn’t helped with my collecting actual books.  The bookstore in town just had a sale.  All used books were $1 each and came home with 23 books.  What can I say.  It is an addiction.  

Here’s the list of place to get free ebooks.

*BookBub – Enter your email address and choose the categories you’re interested in reading.  You’ll get a daily email with free and discounted titles in those categories.  I try to limit myself to only getting free titles.

*Overdrive – Link your local library card to borrow books free for up to three weeks.  This is limited to libraries that are affiliated with overdrive.  I am glad I have a card from a library that is on the list!

*Freebooksy – Again, you enter your email address and choose the categories that you’d like to have included in your daily or weekly emails.

*Amazon Prime Reading– I know a lot of people already pay for Amazon Prime.  If you do, make sure you take advantage of their free books they offer because they have some good ones. Just clicked over there to get the link . The Handmaid’s Tale is on it right now.  I read that book years ago and it’s still a favorite. 

*Your local library- Check your library. Mine now has an app so you can download books to your e-reader.

Please comment and share if you know of any other good sites or apps to support my habit!

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Adreanna @ Glamp Laugh Love

Monday 12th of October 2015

Real books ARE better! I'm the highlighting and notes in the margin type... But digital is great for the books you like instead of love! Thanks for the great list Adre


Monday 12th of October 2015

I also love holding a book in my hands! I do have the kindle fire as well though and it has been convenient for traveling and not have to bring all those books in my suitcase. Saves space! Love free books, thanks for the tips!