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Confidence Boosters for Tween and Teens

Kids can struggle with self-doubt that may not relate to their actual ability. Grab these easy confidence boosters for kids so they can begin to think more positively of themselves.

This is a sponsored conversation by Prep U.

If you’re reading this, you’re in the same position I’m in!  I have two tweens AND a teen and it can be exhausting!  I never believed anyone could be so moody and I bet you see this a lot in your house too.  They can get down on themselves so easily.  Here are a few confidence boosters for tweens and teens you’ll want to learn about.

boy sitting at kitchen table doing homeowrk with hand on head and hat backwards

How to build confidence in kids

Sometimes parents neglect mental health in kids, but as children get older they begin to question themselves and it’s important to continually guide them to build their confidence.

Remember, support from parents is one of the most important ways you’ll have confident kids and that could be as simple as letting them express their options without criticism.

You may be asking yourself, “How to build self-confidence in a child?”

Keep kids active in sports or exercise

My son is always in a better mood after he goes to practice.  He comes in laughing EVERY time.  He gets to burn off some energy, hang out with friends and he gets better and something he loves.  My other son plays lacrosse and it’s the exact same.  It wears them out and makes them sleep better!  It feels good to do well and be accepted by your peers.

Back of football player in red jersey and black helmet

Encourage trying new things

One son loves to bake. He started off with our favorite chocolate chip cookies, but quickly started picking out challenging recipes like homemade cinnamon rolls!  Instead of telling him that’s a time consuming recipe,  I just said ok and got him started.  We’ve had cinnamon rolls several times now and they were delicious!  We’ve also had a couple of disasters.

Learning new skills like this will help build confidence kids need. It makes them feel good to accomplish something new and in this case, tell him how delicious the food was.

2 boys baking, both wearing red shirts

Praise hard work

My teen is taking a really hard math class this year and every kid in his class had lower grades than normal.  Parents and  kids didn’t know what to think.  He worked his butt off, even staying after school for tutoring and raised the grade.  He realized that hard work really does pay off and when it gets tough you can’t quit.

Praising kids when they do well at something seems so simple, but it works! Everyone feels good when other people recognize the hard work they’ve done, even adults.

Other confidence building activities for kids include

  • accomplishing a to-do list
  • cleaning their room- I always tell my kids I want their room to look like a furniture store when their done.
  • doing their own laundry
  • helping with Christmas decorating- I know this is only once a year, but I’ve put my kids in charge of putting up the outside Christmas lights. I love that it saves me so much time and they like doing it. Taking it down is another story.
  • making dinner
  • completing a level on a video game- We may may not understand it, but they are proud they accomplished it.
  • taking the time to get done what they need to get done so they aren’t feeling overwhelmed- I have one kid that’s a procrastinator and when he does do something early, he feels so good about himself, almost free.

Introduce new age-appropriate privileges

At Thanksgiving my tween reminded us that this was his year to learn to drive the gator (YIKES)!  We all looked at each other and none of us could think of an argument against it because he was right.  

We assigned my mom to the duty of giving him his first lesson!  He was so proud of himself and had a driving lesson everyday of the break.  You need to decided what you’re child is ready for- staying home alone, getting social media, going to the bowling alley by himself, or dating are a few privileges that can be given (and taken away).

grandma and child sitting in green gator ATV

Self care

I bet you have some stinky boys and you’ve driven home from a practice with the windows down too!  It doesn’t smell good.  It’s one things when they’re just hanging out with me after practice or a game, but it’s another thing to have greasy hair and smell bad at school in front of your friends.  

Teaching your all kids personal grooming is a huge confidence boost,  First- Look good, feel good!  Second, there are mean kids out there and how horrible would it make them feel if they mentioned bad hair or worse, SMELL!  I get each of my boys there own personal products, no sharing!

closeup of Prep U deodrant on blue tissue paper

Prep U is a company made just for those tween and teen boys and has an entire line of age-appropriate products.  All products are made in the US (Austin, TX) .  They have a sports pack that includes soak, powder and deodorant that is perfect for my boys. They carry face scrub and soap too.

You never know what you’re going to get when you ask your teen to pose with deodorant or follow him around all afternoon taking pictures.  He put his foot down when he went to baseball practice.  I guess I was embarrassing him. 🙂

3 pictures of boy in grey shirt with a hat on backward holding a blue and white container of deodorant

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you know that I do small things and make changes to go natural.  I did an article about ways to go green and one of my most popular posts is how to make a compost bin!

I switched over to an all-natural deodorant and I can tell a difference so I thought I would try it out for my boys too.  That’s an easy thing to do!  This one is dermatologist tested, has no harmful chemicals, and contain no GMO’s  There aren’t that many products designed for boys this age like that so I was eager to have them try it out.  It contains pure essential oils (ours was citrus mint) and I love those plus the boys smell so good!

I know having children can be a challenge but these five easy ways to boost your tween and teens confidence and raise confident kids are GREAT.  They may not seem like a big deal to you, but it can really help with their self esteem and make them an overall happier person.  Try one of them today!


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