Why you shouldn’t pay your kids for good grades

I wrote a series on kids, money and allowance.  It basically talked about teaching kids about money, giving them an allowance, and what they do with their allowance.  I read several comments that said we shouldn’t give our kids money for chores, however, we should pay them for good grades instead.  It got me thinking…

Have you ever thought about paying for good grades to encourage them to study? Haven't we all. Here's why you shouldn't pay your kids for good grades..Why you shouldn’t pay your kids for good grades.

Good grades is the reward.  

The reward for hard work IS the grade you receive.  Sometimes an A is easy to get for some kids.  For others, it’s hard work and seeing that A (or B) on the report is a huge confidence boost.  Hard work on a consistent basis really does pay off.  Pulling up a C or a D to a A or B is a great accomplishment and they should feel proud of themselves for that accomplishment.

Receiving praise and recognition from teachers and peers is a reward.

Every quarter there is an award ceremony at my son’s school.  If you are on the A or A-B honor roll you are recognized for your achievement and called up on stage.  After the ceremony the parents walk down and say hi to their kids.  Most of the parents are congratulating their kids and friends, telling them and the teacher, “Good work.”.

Paying kids doesn’t make kids smarter.

Some kids just can’t make an A or B no matter how hard they work.  Sometimes they may not get a concept or screw up on a test.  If they were working and trying hard, you don’t want to penalize them by paying them a lower amount because they had rough time.

Kids will focus on the reward and not school.

My one son, who is 7, would ask me daily about how much money I would give him if I paid for grades.  He would talk about what he was buying the entire quarter.  I don’t want him focusing on that.  I want him focusing on his spelling words and math worksheets.

Grades last forever, the money is spent.

If I gave my kids money for grades, my boys would have me drive to the store as soon as I gave it to them.  The would want a video game, nerf gun, or candy.  They would play with it for a little bit and it would be forgotten.  The feeling and satisfaction of good grades will last a lot longer than anything I could buy them.

Each family has different methods and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t give your kids money for grades.  I am telling you why I don’t.  Each child and family is different and you may have different parenting methods.  I do give my kids an allowance for chores.  I do this because I want to teach them about money and budgeting.  Do you give your kids money for grades, chores, or both?

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