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Ways for your Kids to Develop Good Self-Esteem

In our groups of friend we have friends that are full of confidence and then others who always put themselves down.  It may even be you.  Why is self esteem so important?   We want our kids to be confident, happy, and flexible.  We want our kids to feel good about themselves and be happy with who they are.  Here are a few simple things you can do to help your kids develop good self esteem.

Ways for your Kids to Develop Good Self-Esteem

1.  Ask them for help You know what your kids are good at.   I’m allergic to eggs and my older son is very good at cracking eggs. I alway ask for his help when I’m making breakfast for them.  My daughter helps peel hardboiled eggs.  They love helping me out.  My daughter loves to organize our shoe closet. I make sure and ask her for help with this task when it gets messy.  She loves that I need her organizational skills (she’s 5!).  She knows she’s good at it.

2.  Show approval of their choices We let our kids know when we like one of their friends and that they made a good choice.  When it’s time to spend their allowance, I make sure I tell them I approve of their choice (if it’s a good one) :).   Sometimes our after school schedule is screwed up and our homework time is shifted around.  When my boys say they should do their homework as soon as they get home, I praise them for making a smart decision because I know they won’t be in the mood after football practice.

3.  Trust them  I feel like I am contantly reminding my middle child to wash his hair or put his clothes in the hamper or flush the toilet.  It’s because I don’t trust him to do on his own.  There are things I can trust him with though, like picking out a nice outfit for church or doing his hair.  I make sure I let him know he looks nice and he has a good sense of style.  He does this without my help.

4.  Support them  My middle son loves skateboarding.  He begged my husband to build  him a skateboarding ramp.  He asks me everyday to go to the skate park.  I have spent many, many hours there this summer.  He’s too young to leave there alone so I end up hanging out in the car.  I park in the same spot so I can see the entire park.  I read, clean out the car, go through the mail, balance my checkbook, and read my email.  You can check out some of his moves on my Instagram!  I know he loves skateboarding.  To tell you the truth, I would rather him be doing that then sitting in front of the TV all afternoon.  I do my best to support what he loves.