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Are all your passwords getting out of control? Mine too! Here's a cute FREE printable password keeper to help you stay organized.

Cute Free Printable Password Keeper

Since my kids are getting older I feel like we are getting so many passwords and I’m really getting lost and confused.  I can barely remember all my passwords and codes and now I...

One of the biggest challenges of a parent is keeping toys cleaned up! Get these great ideas to keep your house clean and sane.

Keeping Toys Cleaned Up in Every Room of the House

Toys! Toys!  With the birth or adoption of your first little darling comes the daunting task of keeping their things from taking over your home.  As they get into the toddler years, this becomes...

Does your family like to camp? Here's a great camp packing hack that will save you tons of time so you can take those last minute trips!

Time Saving Camping Packing Hack

I’ve been talking with some friends about going camping for a few months, but we never put anything in stone and were kind of wishy washy. Well, we decided to go this weekend.

Here's a great way to get organized! Get this FREE to-do printable and start keeping all the things you need to do in one place!

To-do Printable

I am on a roll with all these printables.  I was doing something completely different and I loved these colors together so I thought I would make another to-do printable. Here’s the first one...

You think your house is clean, but most people forget some things. Here are 50 places that most people forget to clean. Not anymore!

50 Places People Forget to Clean

Everyone remembers to clean the toilets and sweep the floors, but there are a ton of places you should be cleaning and probably forget. Most don’t take long and should be added to your cleaning routine.

It's that time of year again, spring cleaning! Here are some great tips for people that don't like to clean to get you motivated!

Spring cleaning tips for people that don’t like to clean

It’s that time again! Time to start spring cleaning!  Getting organized after a long winter is so satisfying!  There are two groups of people.  There are the ones that like to clean and others that...

Here's a cute little menu and grocery list printable that you can download to your computer and print out whenever you need it.

FREE Menu and Grocery List Printable

I’m always making menus and grocery lists on random pieces of paper and then it’s getting lost on my desk, car, purse, or junk drawer.  So when I get to the grocery store there’s...

Stay organized this year and get this printable blank calendar for FREE!

Printable Blank Calendar for FREE

My other calendar that I made is pretty popular, so I decided to make a printable blank calendar that you can use car after year.  These are great.  You can print out all the months or...

Password Tracker

Password Tracker- Free Printable

I don’t know about you, but I have become so overwhelmed lately with all my computer passwords.  I must have received at least two emails this month about some security breech and how I...

Getting your house ready to sell can be overwhelming. Click over and see these tips to get you moving into your new house faster!

Tips on getting your house ready to sell when you’re moving

I was walking around the block and I took a different route than I normally do. I was on a street I usually don’t drive on and noticed that there were 5 houses for sale in a small section of our neighborhood.