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What your kids should do before bed

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I recently did a post for things that mom should do before they go to bed each night.  It got me thinking because I have things I like my kids to do before they go to bed every night so they’re ready the next day.  It makes mine and their lives, easier.  I hate rushing them out the door to catch the bus because I feel like I don’t get to say goodbye.  We know that they need to brush their teeth and wash their face.  These are the other things they should do.

What your kids should do before bed

1. Lay out Clothes– I usually glance over what they have picked out when I’m tucking them into bed.  If I don’t approve then we can find something that works then instead of fighting about it in the morning.

2. Shoes- My kids are always looking for their shoes.  I have them find them and make sure they are by the door so we aren’t searching for them the next morning.

3.  Have backpacks ready- Homework should be completed and back in the folders.  I have them put everything in their bag so they can just grab and go in the mornings.  Make sure you sign everything that needs to be signed so you don’t have to get everything back out.

4.  Pick up toys-  This doesn’t have to be a major clean up.  I usually make sure they pick up around the bed and hallway so they don’t trip if they get up in the middle of the night.  I also like the downstair picked up.  I’m always finding nerf guns or football gear laying in the middle of my kitchen floor.

5.  Plug in electronics– My son has a school issued computer and it has to be charged every night.  All my kids have Kindles too.  They are great for when they have to sit while another one has a practice or when they all want to watch their own show or read.  We don’t use these that much, but they make sure they are in our “charging station”.  This is what we have and I love it because all their stuff is in one place.  Now when they want to play, it will be charged and there is no one complaining it’s out of batteries or they can’t find it.

6.  Talk about our day- We talk about what happened during the day and what we have planned for the next day.  They like knowing if they have football, cheerleading, library or gym the next day.  This also gives me some one on one time with each child without interruptions.

So…it’s not that much and it really does help in the morning and save time.  Do you have anything your kids do at night to save time in the morning?


Sunday 22nd of November 2015

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