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7 Days and 7 Things You Should Declutter This Week

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I’ve been driving through the neighborhood and on trash day there are a lot more bags than normal.  People are loving spring and cleaning out.  I’ve done the kid clothes and my husband has tackled the garage.  It’s so refreshing to see all that stuff you don’t need sold or trashed.  I was thinking of some other things that I declutter during spring.  It feels so good when I step back and look at the new and organized areas.  Ive decided to give you a challenge to clean out 7 things in 7 days.  There is no excuse to be overwhelmed and not knowing where to start!  These are easy and simple tasks that can be done in a short amount of time.

7 Days and 7 Things You Should Declutter This Week

Day 1- Spices  Spice areas can get so messy.  Take every thing out and wipe it all down.  I keep my spices in a drawer and there are always spills and crumbs.  Throw away everything that’s expired.  Do you have 3 garlic powders?  You should combine them to make more space.  This spice rack is perfect if you don’t have a lot of space.  It hooks to your cabinet door.

Day 2- Office paper  Most of my bills come via email, but I still get a ton of statements, insurance information, and policies I need to keep.  I have file folders and I pick the ones that are overflowing and start trashing the old stuff.  You don’t have to do them all (unless you’re REALLY motivated), but seeing your shred pile grow feels so good!

Day 3- Car I don’t know how the middle console and glove box can fill up with so much junk.  I grab a bag and put everything in it.  I dump it on my living room floor and start going through it.  It’s amazing how little I put back in.

Day 4 Junk Drawer I know you all have at least one. I have two!  I always start out with good intentions of keeping it organized and clean, but it never happens.  Just dump it out and put everything where it belongs.  At least it will be clean for a few days, right? 🙂  I have these and I love them!

Day 5 Shoes  I like to clean out everyones shoes.  I get rid of any that are broken, too small and dirty.  My husband has about 8 pairs of tennis shoes and it drives me crazy because he won’t let me touch them.  He never throws any of his old ones away.  I like my boys to have an old pair or two because they get muddy.  Sometimes I just need to replace the shoe strings and they can wear them a few more months.  We have something like this in our garage and it works well.

Day 6- Linen Closet  Once a year I have to clean out the linen closet.  It gets so messy.  Do I really need that many sets of sheets?  I throw away towels with bleach stains and take inventory of everything I need.  I’m not sure how I accumulate so many throws.

Day 7-Laundry Room  My laundry room is more like a closet, but I like to organize my cleaners and rags, take inventory, and make sure I’m using up all the bottles of detergent.

Doesn’t this sound much easier than doing it all in one day?  If you already have a clean laundry room, swap it out with something you know you need to do.

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