Teaching Your Kids to Give the Entire Year

Christmas is right around the corner and Christmas is about giving.  During this time of year people donate gifts to angel trees and send shoe boxes filled with goodies to other parts of the world.  My family participates in these activities during the holidays,  but what happens the rest of the year.  We like to teach our kids throughout the year too.  It can be hard when you’re busy with school and activities, but my husband and I try to make it a priority in our home to help others that are less fortunate or in a tough spot.  Here are some things that you can do all throughout the year with your kids to give back.

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  1. Participate in a 5K–  Most races donate money to a cause.  You can pick a few and run (or walk in my case).  My family is doing a Pay It Forward race tomorrow morning.  Every finisher gets a bottle of money from $10-$100.  We are pooling our money with a team and donating it.  I think this is great because the kids have to do something to earn it!  We’ve done other races and it’s a great confidence boost too.  My daughter literally wore her medal for a year.
  2. Sponsor a Child–  My husband and I have sponsored a child through the organization Unbound for probably 11 or 12 years.  Once the we had kids and they got to be a little older, we decided to sponsor 2 more children.  We get pictures and write letters to the kids.  We send little gifts throughout the year.  We have a girl in India and 2 kids in Nicaragua.  My husband and older son were lucky enough to go on a organized trip and meet the kids in Nicaragua.  They got to meet their families and see where they lived.  It was a big eye opener for my 10 year old.
  3. Donate toys and clothes–  I think it’s great when your kids can clean out their rooms and help decide what toys they’re ready to give away.  I load everything up in my van and sometimes drive around with it for over a week until I can get all the kids in the car at the same time.  I make them go with me to drop it off, so they can see how the items will be used.
  4. Volunteer time– My community has a back to school bash and they give away school supplies, backpacks, shoes, etc.  This is a great opportunity to donate items.  If you can’t donate, then something like this is perfect for kids to help out in.  They can help stuff the backpacks and see all the children they are going to help with all the great items.  My older son also participated in a program at school where he delivered food on Fridays for kids to take home for the weekend.

These are just a few things you can do.  Some don’t even cost a dime, but your kids can still have that great feeling when they help others out. Let me know if you have any other ideas I can add to the list.

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