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20+ Cookie for Santa Plates

It’s Christmas Eve! Have you put out your milk and cookies for Santa yet? Check out the cutest cookie for Santa plates here.

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I was just cleaning out my cabinets this past weekend and had a horrible mishap! I dropped and broke my Christmas cookie plate for Santa! I thought my daughter was going to cry. I’m on the search for a new one and thought it was the perfect thing to write up and put on here. There are some really cute ones out there.

Santa Claus holding cookie for santa plate and glass of milk

Cookies for Santa Plates

Making Christmas cookies is an important holiday tradition for families. Kids love to prepare for the big night and my kids know EXACTLY where I keep the special Christmas plate for Santa and love to dig it out of the cabinets. It’s a simple thing to bring a lot of holiday cheer!

I remember having a Santa cookie plate when I was little. I loved getting it out and preparing the milk and cookies. It was fun going to the table the next morning and finding cookie crumbs sprinkled on the tablecloth.

There are so many cute plates I found when looking for a new cookie plate. The ones I’ve listed from the small businesses on Etsy can be personalized with your family name and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind design!

As I was looking to replace mine I saw there are so many different kinds to choose from. They have the traditional plates, but most are the size of salad plates. The tray version is super popualr right now. I like that because you can store in your Christmas bins and not have to worry about it breaking. It also lays flat so it doesn’t take up much room. Most are small dessert plates that are microwave safe.

The mug with the space cutout for a cookie is the cutest design.

There is at least one cookie plate that even has a space for you to leave a bowl of oatmeal or carrot for the reindeer and the Santa tray is the cutest!

Many of the small plates and trays are from Amazon because that’s where I do a majority of my own shopping and I like quick and free shipping! The price there is usually the best around so I’m always looking for deals and gifts there.

overhead view of star cookies to put on a cute cookie for Santa plate for Christmas Eve

Here are some YUMMY Christmas cookie recipes for Santa Claus to put on your santa plate.

Check out these cookie recipes for you to make. These are simple to make, and everyone loves them. The chocolate chip ones are the BEST!

Milk and Cookie Plates for Santa

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