Ways to save money during Christmas

It’s easy to spend like crazy during the holidays.  It’s the worst feeling when a huge credit card bill comes in January.  You may have been expecting a little bill, but December can get out of hand quickly.  Here are a few tips, reminders, and motivation to get you through without breaking the bank and save money during Christmas.

It's hard to save money during Christmas, but you can do it. Here are nine simple tips to keep you on budget this holiday.

Nine ways to save money during Christmas

  • Don’t buy yourself anything!  OK-  This is really hard because you are seeing so many good deals out there.  Do you really need a new scarf or gloves?  Do you need a new pair of pajamas?  If the price is right and you REALLY do need them, get them.  If you just want it, DON’T!  When I went through all my receipts one year, I realized that half the money I spent was on myself!
  • Eat before you go out shopping.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a coffee while out or a little snack and that’s ok.  A big money waste is going out and spending lots of money on a fancy dinner every time you are shopping.  That adds up quick.
  • Avoid purchasing Christmas decorations.  Sometimes you can’t help but be drawn in to some of the cutest decorations for your mantel or table.  DON’T DO IT!  In about 6 weeks those same items will be 1/2 off.  Make sure you leave some money in your budget for the after Christmas sales!  I just bought several Halloween decorations for half price.
  • Stick with your budget.  This can be really hard when you find a gift that you know someone will love, but it’s just over your price range.  I know you’ll probably say to yourself that you will spend less in another area, but that never works out, does it.  You made a budget, now stick to it!
  • Pay Cash.  If you have the cash, USE IT!  It’s not fun to see a big credit card bill in January.  We pay our credit card off every month, but sometimes we are surprised at how much is on it.  You lose track of what you’re spending and that’s easy at Christmas when you’re spending more that normal.
  • Make sure you budget for everything!  I learned this the hard way and I usually add to this category every year.  Make sure you budget for your tree, haircuts, Christmas clothes for the kids, gifts for when you go to parties, teacher gifts, and Christmas cards.  Those things add up quick!
  • Start early.  Some people shop all year.  I don’t do that, but I usually start thinking about Christmas after Halloween.  You can start browsing the Internet and get ideas for all the gifts you need to buy.  I like to go out before Thanksgiving when the stores aren’t as crowded.
  • Don’t pay for shipping.  There are so many companies that have free shipping between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Don’t waste your money on shipping charges.
  • Downsize your holiday.  Just some years you just don’t have the money or your saving for vacation or house project.  You shouldn’t feel bad about it.  Remember it’s the thought that counts.  You don’t have to buy a huge tree, get a smaller one.  Don’t send out Christmas cards. Decorate with what you have.

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  1. Mandy says:

    Thank you for the great article! I use a book discount website to purchase books for all my nieces and nephews in October. This way the bulk of my Christmas is finished before the sales. I am going to share it on my Facebook group for my blog. @mysassystarfish.