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Grocery Shopping Time Savers

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The most time consuming chore is with my food and meals. I plan out my menu, make a grocery list, shop for food, then make each meal. It probably is yours too.  Here are a few tricks so to help you save some time so you can move on the better things (like laundry)! 🙂

Who has time to waste at the grocery store? Try these tips so you don't spend all your time roaming the aisles. Grocery Shopping Time Savers

Keep a running grocery list on your phone .  You probably have it on you most of the time anyway so it’s easy.  Just grab it and type out something when you run out.

Keep your menu on your phone.   If you think of something to make or see a recipe, you can write it down.  Go ahead and add the ingredients to your grocery list too.  You can do this while sitting at soccer practice.

Try online grocery shopping.  There are several places in my area that shop for you and have a convenience fee, but my Walmart has started doing it for free and it’s awesome! I go online and buy all my groceries and then choose a pickup time (usually the same day).  I save so much time (and money) by doing it all online.  You can go through your favorites and click the things you buy every week.  I also use Amazon Prime Pantry sometimes too.  I use that more for my staple items.  I think there is a sale going on now too.

When you do go to the grocery store,  go to the same one.  You get to know your grocery store and what aisle things are on.  Have you ever been to a store you normally don’t go to and look for marshmallows or lemon juice in a bottle?  They put them in weird spots.  You’ll know where everything is and avoid backtracking.

I don’t clip coupons.  I realized when I was clipping coupons I was just buying the item because it was a good deal.  We eat healthier without me doing that.  I spent so much time clipping and organizing them and it just wasn’t worth my time in the long run.

Keep your pantry and refrigerator clean.  If it’s packed full of half eaten meals and things are just stuffed in,  then you’ll spend a lot of time cleaning up and looking for things and buying things you already have.

What time savers do you have that I can try out??

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Tuesday 1st of March 2016

I totally agree with you on the coupons! They are mostly for stuff we wouldn't normally eat and I end up with a ton of unhealthy frozen foods, like pizzas and bagel bites. Gross! I have been using several rebate apps that I keep together on my phone. I only check for the rebates I want after I have made my menu and grocery list and only use the rebates that are for things on my list. I like that some of them even have rebates for things in the produce section! If I am going to the store at a time where checkout lines are going to be really long I just wait and check for rebates while I'm in line! And another bonus is that the money I get back can go toward iTunes cards and amazon credit so I can save up and get something for myself as a treat without spending "real" money!

karyl henry

Friday 19th of February 2016

That's really interesting why you stopped clipping coupons. I'm not a crazy coupon lady, but I always check the coupons in the paper every week, and only cut out the ones I will actually use. And then I consider it a win when the coupon savings are more than I spent for the paper!

I'm huge about the layout of the grocery store, and write my list in that order...otherwise I end up going back to get something I forgot.